Maryland, Georgia and the Best and Worst New College Football Uniforms for 2011

Danny FlynnSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2011

Maryland, Georgia and the Best and Worst New College Football Uniforms for 2011

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    What the hell is that?

    That’s what many viewers of last night’s Maryland-Miami game had to be asking themselves when the Terrapins ran out onto the field, decked in their Maryland state flag uniforms.

    The yellow and red checkered design was certainly an eyesore to bear. But hey, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and one of the hot topics of the day has been Maryland’s uniforms from last night.

    So I guess, in the end, Under Armour wins.

    Maryland’s may be the most dreadful, but they certainly aren’t the only interesting uniforms we’ll see this season.

    Here’s a look at some of the best and the worst new uniforms for 2011.

Best: Georgia Enlists the Red Army

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    I know that there were some people who didn’t like these, but personally, Georgia’s red pro combat uniforms were my favorite so far.

    I thought the helmet pattern was well done, and my two favorite colors happen to be red and black, so I thought the uniform looked pretty sharp.

    Overall, great job by Nike on these.

    It’s too bad the Bulldogs got outplayed by Boise State right in their own backyard.

Worst: Maryland Takes State Pride Too Far

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    It seemed like Under Armour introduced about 750 new Maryland uniform designs for the upcoming season.

    Some of them looked good, some of them not so much—but this was absolutely the worst of the bunch.

    If ever there was a state flag that should never be made into a football uniform (besides Mississippi’s), it’s Maryland’s.

Best: The Ducks Keep Evolving

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    Oregon is the poster child for college football uniforms.

    Although the Ducks have had a couple of notable disastrous color schemes in the past, the uniforms they broke out against LSU on Saturday night were one of their better designs.

    The all-dark-green look definitely worked, even though it didn’t help them get the victory.

Worst: Boise State Ditches the Blue for All-Whites

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    The Broncos took some fashion tips from Sonny Crockett and went with the all-white look for their game against Georgia.

    I can’t say that I was all that impressed, especially when contrasted with how good Georgia’s uniforms looked.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the NCAA mandated that Boise State has to wear these for home games, since so many opposing teams complain about the Broncos blending in with the blue turf.

Best: Beware of the Pitchfork

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    Going with all-black uniforms is a popular trend that a lot of teams like Rutgers, Purdue and Oklahoma State are playing around with this year, but none of their prototypes can hold a candle to what Arizona State is bringing to the table.

    The Sun Devils will be wearing these special all-black uniforms for the "Black Out" game against Missouri this Friday night.

Worst: Oklahoma State Goes Grey

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    I have to say that I like the concept for Oklahoma State’s black uniforms, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of the grey jerseys they wore for their season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

    When you think Oklahoma State, the first color you automatically think of is orange.

    That’s what you would expect to see the Cowboys donning for a home game.

    This uniform looks like something you would wear for practice, not at an actual game.

Best: Houston Takes Us Back in Time

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    Houston gets the retro look right by breaking out these oldies-but-goodies.

    The Cougars last wore these uniforms in 1972, but they plan on bringing them back for their homecoming game against Marshall on Oct. 22.

    These aren't a dramatic change from the jerseys that the team wears now, but the arched-style Houston across the front does give them a nice old-school feel.

Worst: In Case You Didn’t Know What Letter Michigan Started With...

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    The Wolverines will wear these special Adidas jerseys for their first-ever night game at the Big House against Notre Dame this Saturday.

    The shoulder wings are a nice touch—but oh god, that "M" is huge.

    Notre Dame will also wear some special uniforms for the game. Thankfully, they couldn’t fit a big N and a big D across their chest, so they’ll be going with a more standardized look.

Best: South Florida Switches to Green Helmets

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    One nice, small touch that I liked from this weekend was South Florida switching from white to green helmets.

    The Bulls began with gold helmets when the program first started in the mid-90s.

    They made the big mistake of switching to white helmets a few years ago, but now they’ve rectified it by settling on the green helmets for this season.

    They look sharp, and so far, the team is 1-0 with the new headgear, so you certainly can’t complain.

Worst: South Carolina Plays with the Font

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    Under Armour did some tweaking to South Carolina’s uniforms for this season.

    While I like the change in the stripes, I can’t say that I’m in love with the font they switched to for the numbers and the team name.

    It looks like they printed those jerseys off of Microsoft Word 2000.