Wildcats, We Vols Fans Know How You Feel

Roy MarseeContributor INovember 19, 2008

Kentucky has a storied history in college basketball. Tennessee has a storied history in college football. Wildcat fans are as passionate about their "round ball" as us Vol fans are about football.  Both schools expect nothing but the very best from their respective sports.

Any time the Big Blue doesn't go deep into the March Madness, the fans start to grumble. Any time the Big Orange doesn't win the SEC or challenge for the mythical National Championship, the fans start to rumble.

Do you see a correlation here?

It sort of reminds me of studying geometry about parallel lines. The Big Blue hasn't been to the Final Four in a long time. (I could look up the exact year, but I know it's been a long time.) The Big Orange hasn't won the football SEC championship in a long time. (This, I know was 1998.)

So both camps grumble and rumble, and take their antacids, bourbon, or whatever helps them. By the way, the best thing about Kentucky, besides the fact I was born there, is their fine Kentucky bourbon. The drink of choice!

Anyhow, the Cats take action, canning their successful (at least by his record) coach, Tubby Smith. (He seems to be doing well in Minnesota, thank you!) In comes Mr. Billy Gillispie, the Savior of the Big Blue. (Pitino wasn't interested, available, or something.)

Is the Big Blue nation better off?  I don't know, but Gardner-Webb and VMI are—at least for a season. So us Vol fans run off one of the most successful coaches in the nation.

OK, maybe things aren't perfect, but who's going to be any better?  Pat Summitt and Bruce Pearl coach BASKETBALL. They can't help us. I heard that VMI is looking for a home opener with us next year.

Just like the movie: "You can't handle the truth!!!"