Chicago Bulls Will Not Make the Playoffs, Unless...

Scott GlissonCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2016

They get a good big man

The Bulls have no deep presence under the basket.  Other than Drew Gooden, who is decent at best, Chicago does not have anyone who is able to be a big man under the basket on the defensive end, and no one to make the easy basket on the offensive end.

Noah and Gooden are not doing the job in Chicago, and someone else needs to be brought in.

They improve their defense

With no big man, the defense is definitely lacking.  The Bulls are not playing good transition ball and they are having a hard time making stops.  Teams are getting very good looks at the basket, and have a very easy time scoring from not only under the basket, but also from behind the arc.

They play consistent basketball

The Bulls have no consistent players.  The closest thing they have in terms of consistency would be Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose.  The last time I checked, two players cannot win a game.  They can do a good job keeping you in a game, but if only two of your players are shooting well, then you are going to lose.

They play hard from tip-off until the final buzzer.

Nothing can frustrate a team more than falling behind by a couple points early in the first quarter.  With that being said, I cannot even imagine how hard it must be mentally to fall behind by 20 points in the first quarter.  The Bulls start slowly almost every game, and are usually playing from behind right out of the gate.

Take the Dallas game, for example.  Chicago fell behind 21-4 within the first six minutes of play.  Somehow the Bulls were able to fight their way back and get the win, but that is not a way a team wants to start a game.  It makes the players exhausted once the game finally ends.

Then you have the games against the Lakers and against the Trail Blazers.  Both of these games started very badly for Chicago.  They were shooting poorly from the floor, and allowing opposing teams to run the score up on them early.

Chicago's poor play isn't necessarily reflected statistically:

Points per game – 98.7               Opponents – 98.2
Field Goal percentage - .421       Opponents - .432
Rebounds per game – 45            Opponents – 44.4
Free Throw % - .794                  Opponents - .777

Some of these stats should be shocking to people considering how poorly the Bulls look at times.  With numbers like these, the Bulls should be winning every game.

Let’s hope Vinny can get things turned around, make the moves he needs to make, and get the Bulls back on track to have a good season.

Coach Del Negro has the second-best record of any brand-new Chicago Bulls head coach.  Let’s hope he can continue this record and finish strong.

Chicago needs to get off of this ridiculous circus of a road trip, so that they can get back to a normal schedule.