Boise State Football: A Note on Trying to Bust the BCS, Again

Ben KrausContributor IISeptember 5, 2011

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore coming off the field after their victory over the Bulldogs
Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore coming off the field after their victory over the BulldogsKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I hate to be the one to start this controversy again, but....

Congratulations Boise State on your impressive win on the road Saturday night in the Georgia Dome against the Bulldogs. It was an impressive 35-21 victory. You have come out early in each of the last three seasons to beat a quality opponent (Oregon in '09, Virginia Tech in '10).

I am here to tell you to stop waving the "I told you so" flags.

Take a minute to contemplate what you have accomplished. You won one game. One game will not get you into the BCS National Championship Game.

How about two?

Later this year, the Horned Frogs of TCU will blow into town for a showdown that will likely decide the fate of the Mountain West Conference. Even if you do beat TCU, though, you still only played a couple of quality games (by the way, with TCU falling this past Friday, I am not 100 percent positive it will actually have been two).  You still wouldn't have gone through the grind.

You get to take the entire offseason to prepare for Georgia. Then you get two months of cupcakes (Toledo, Colorado State and the like) to prepare for the Horned Frogs.

Do I think BSU could go through an SEC schedule with the grind week in and week out?

As a matter of fact, yes I do. Here's the million dollar-question though: Will they?

The answer is simply no.


Because THEY AREN'T IN THE SEC OR A BCS CONFERENCE. You want to "prove" yourself Broncos? Go join the Pac-12 or a BCS conference and go through the grind to earn a spot in the national title game (side note: Boise is closer to Eugene, Oregon than USC is, so that may not be as far-fetched as it sounds).

Since every team must compete in their conference, you get limited opportunities to prove how you can play with the big boys.

Would you like some more chances? Get rid of Toledo and Tulsa off your schedule and replace them with some more elites. Or, you can take the aforementioned advice and find yourself a new home with qualified members. Once you have shown you can play consistently (that's the key here) with top competitors, then we can maybe point to the fact the BCS may have some flaws.

Until then, you will continue to believe you deserve a shot at the crown, while us critics just shake our heads.