Colorado Recruiting Update, Plus a First Look at Nebraska

Stuart WhitehairAnalyst INovember 19, 2008

Greetings, Buff fans, from
Even though it’s a bye week for the CU football team, there is much to report on. First, the Buffs lost to Montana State—AGAIN!this time in basketball. Living in Bozeman, Montana, home of the Bobcats, is once again a little slice of heaven for me, just like in 2006.

(Anyone wishing to send a sympathy card, my address is P.O. Box 6493, Bozeman, MT, 59771. No flowers, please).


There has also been a great deal of activity with respect to the 2009 CU football roster. In just the past two weeks, the Buffs have picked up five new verbal commitments. At the same time, three names that we thought would be on the ‘09 roster are no longer being considered. There is information on all eight players posted on the website for your review and comments.
Plus, I have gone ahead and put up the Trivia section for the Nebraska game (e.g., what other names were the Cornhuskers once known by? Other than the "Bugeaters," that is!).
In the archive section, there are a number of games to keep your attention while you are waiting for the clash with the Corn on the 28th: Remember No. 11 Penn State v. No. 1 Pittsburgh and Dan Marino in 1981? How’s about three—three!—Nov. 28 Texas/Texas A&M battles (1985, 1997, and 2003)?
For the CU purists, there is THE game played between Colorado and Nebraska in Lincoln. Of course, I am referring to the 1990 classic between No. 9 Colorado and No. 3 Nebraska (feel free to skim through the first three quarters so you can get to the good stuff!). There is also the 1997 Colorado/Nebraska game. A 5-5 Buff team makes a valiant comeback attempt against the No. 2 Cornhuskers.


What about this Saturday? Stuck for games to watch (other than Oklahoma/Texas Tech) this bye weekend? There are a number of games which will have a significant impact on the Buffs’ 2009 schedule. Here's this week’s "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend."

Wyoming over Colorado State

The Rams are 5-6, and the Cowboys 4-7. A win by Colorado State will make the Rams bowl eligible in Steve Fairchild’s first season. Do you really want to spend the next nine months hearing about the resurgence of the CSU program in just one season, while the Buffs are languishing in their third consecutive losing season under Dan Hawkins? Not me.

Correlated to the CSU/Wyoming game: BYU over Utah; UNLV over San Diego State

Why are these relevant? The Mountain West Conference has four bowl tie-ins, and the MWC already has four teams with eight or more wins. If Utah remains undefeated, the Utes will likely earn a BCS bowl bid, opening up a spot for a 6-6 MWC team. A win by BYU, and the four bowl tie-ins are spoken for, and even a 6-6 CSU team may be shut out of the bowls.

For insurance: UNLV is also 5-6 heading into its game against San Diego State. If both CSU and UNLV finish with wins, a 6-6 Rebel squad may be more attractive than a 6-6 Ram squad to the bowl committees. Go Cougars and Rebels!

Program note: The "T.I.P.S." for the Nebraska game will be posted this Sunday, with the review up by around noon next Saturday.
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There’s much to read between now and this Sunday’s "T.I.P.S."—so off you go—
Go Buffs!