The Luck of the Irish Might Hurt LSU's Bowl Placement

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

The Cotton Bowl usually invites a team from the SEC and a team from the Big 12, but this year independent Notre Dame appears to be a team the Cotton Bowl is interested in inviting.

According to an article on ESPN’s website, the Irish, at 6-4, will be highly considered by the Cotton Bowl if they beat Syracuse.

All I have to say to this is, "Are you kidding me?" Notre Dame is a has-been program that is average at best. If the Irish were in the Big East, they would not even be able to win the conference and therefore do not deserve to play in a New Year's weekend bowl game.

Even if LSU loses one of its two next games, it still deserves to go over Notre Dame. Notre Dame lost to Michigan State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Boston College. It beat Stanford by a touchdown and almost blew the game this past weekend against Navy.

The Irish play USC to ramp up the season, and they will likely finish 7-5. More than likely the other team in the Cotton Bowl will be Oklahoma State and the Cotton Bowl would rather match up one of these pretty good Big 12 teams against Notre Dame?

Putting the Irish in the Independence Bowl would be a better option, but in my opinion they are not even worthy to play in Shreveport. Put them in the St. Petersburg Bowl and let them play against a Conference USA team—it would be a more competitive game.

On the other hand, although LSU is having a down year, the Tigers are still 7-3 with losses to Florida, Georgia and Alabama. At least the teams LSU lost to were top-10 teams. It will be a close game in Baton Rouge this week, but I think LSU will beat Ole Miss in a close one. If not, matching LSU up against a Oklahoma State or Texas makes more sense than matching it up against Notre Dame.

Also, I know Notre Dame has a nationwide fan base, but wouldn’t it make more sense to invite LSU since the Cotton Bowl is only a six-hour drive from Baton Rouge? For LSU fans in Shreveport, it's only a two-hour drive. Do you think a lot of fans in South Bend will travel to Dallas, especially when our economy is in the shape it is in?