Attention Chicago Hockey Fans: Vote for Your Blackhawks!

Craig NuzzoCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

With the conclusion of the Presidential election, this online NHL balloting should be no sweat.

The Chicago Blackhawks have so many fans, so where are all the votes?

The rivaled Red Wings currently hold the top three spots in the All-Star Ballot. As of right now, Marian Hossa is in the lead (130,715), followed by Pavel Datsyuk (127,768), and in third place is Henrik Zetterberg (125,741). The fourth place position is worthy to Jarome Iginla (119,927).

Patrick Kane (75,107) represents the 'Hawks with fifth place on the ballot thus far.

Jonathan Toews (52,176) also represents the 'Hawks in ninth place for the Western Conference.

These two All-Star-caliber Blackhawk players should very well represent the Western Conference with the help from you, the voters!

I make it my duty to vote every moment I get as I anticipate on watching the 2009 NHL All-Star Game on Sunday, Jan. 25, and want to see those two kids from Chicago on the ice.

Time: TBD. Location: Montreal, QC, Canada.

Go and vote now and often: All-Star Fan Balloting.

Even if you are not a Blackhawks fan, vote for someone! Make the NHL proud.