WWE: Why the CM Punk Push Needs to Last at Least Until Wrestlemania 28

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IISeptember 6, 2011

It'sa me! I'ma back!

Yes, it has been long enough and after dealing with certain personal crisis I return to a brand-spanking new and improved WWE...sort of.

Finally! The heads of the company fell to my spells and canceled that ridiculous separate roster crap we had to endure for some odd years now. This will allow for some much needed refreshed storylines and it will most probably force the weeding out of the unnecessary talent that has been lingering around for months.

One thing puzzles me still however...why is CM Punk not in the WWE championship match at Night of Champions? Yes, yes, I know all about that match with Cena on RAW but in the record books, Alberto Del Rio won the title from Punk and not Superman so at the very least, we could have had a Triple Threat match, no?

Let's face it, one of the main reasons all this has become more interesting than ever is because of the second city saint. I hope they don't kill all that momentum going into the fall months.

I actually like the whole Triple H-Kevin Nash-CM Punk angle. Too bad the championship is not part of that. Unfortunately we have to endure yet another John Cena challenge and it is really starting to drive a nail through my head.

There is a conspiracy. Something is definitely on the way and I bet you by the time WrestleMania XXVIII rolls around, we will definitely have ONE Undisputed WWE Champion in the company.

His name might even be CM Punk.

There have been many signs and rumors pointing to that. The first was when the last two to hold the precious WWE championship have been referred to as "Undisputed" means a lot. Nothing is said or done for nothing, you know. On top of that, a merged roster like the golden days—it doesn't take a genius to figure out where this is all going.

Recently, CM Punk was interviewed by WWE Magazine and in one instance, he clearly voices his opinion on how the WWE championship looks like.

WWEM: "Another one of your gripes is about how the WWE Championship looks. How would you redesign the title? What is the definitive look of that particular championship for you?"

CMP: "Oh God. How long's this interview? Honestly, I think old Dwayne used to have a cute little blue cow on his title or something. Then, of course, Stone Cold had the Smoking Skull Title. I don't know. I think I could Straight Edge the hell out of that thing. A couple of "X"s might make it look good. Make it look like a title should look like, and not make it look like some sort of weird, rapper bling. I feel the definitive look, though, is what I like to call "Bret Hart's Title." I think everyone likes to call it the "Winged Eagle Title." That's a little redundant. I'm pretty sure most eagles have wings. That's the one that always sticks out in my mind." 

I couldn't rub enough magical lamps in hopes that this would happen. I totally agree the title belt should look classic and beautiful like the one referred to as "Bret Hart's belt."

The CM Punk push was long overdue and he made us all tune in every week just to see what he'd do next. Why stop promoting him now when he is red-hot? The man better come out of top in three weeks or else!

Seriously, WrestleMania XXVIII is already centered around the Rock-Cena match which hardly requires the championship anyway so why not find a way to have CM Punk battle for his title at the top of the card.

We were asked what could be a dream match for us, and CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan was one of them. Hmm...let me see...Bryan holds the MITB briefcase...that could very well happen. 

The World Heavyweight championship needs to go and the age of Orton and Cena adding title reigns like Ric Flair has to stop! No one should pass the Nature Boy's 16-reign mark. No one! It's a question of respect and humility.

Punk holding the title certainly brings not only a breath of fresh air to the scene but allows for the matches to be of a higher quality. Just imagine if Del Rio or even Chris Jericho are thrust into a WWE championship program with him. WOW!

I am not convinced on D. Bryan's ability to main event in WWE just yet. I am glad he won the MITB but I didn't root for him then and if he keeps on losing like this, no one will ever take him seriously.

When it comes to Triple H and Kevin Nash, I had predicted this year that Punk would face Hunter at Night of Champions and it is going to happen—cool! The sad part is, it won't be for the title...yet. 

There is so much potential here. Please don't drop the ball on CM Punk, WWE, because burying your ripe, younger talent will only destroy you in the end. 

Some have dubbed this the "Age of Reality." Well, the reality is, the company formula worked in the past and now needs to be revitalized. 

CM Punk is the key.