Former Diva Maria Kanellis Returning to WWE Raw, Sort of

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Former Diva Maria Kanellis Returning to WWE Raw, Sort of
Maria, not a gifted singer

Former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis, has noted on her Twitter account she is returning to WWE...well, sort of.

She confirmed a report from her fansite's twitter that, starting from October 3rd, she could be hosting the Raw after show for Afterbuzz tv, a growing media website aimed at aftershow entertainment (the site previously had an aftershow for WWE Tough Enough, hosted by former ring announcer Lilian Garcia and former divas Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson; Steve Austin and Trish Stratus also appeared on the program.)

Starting October 3rd i will be hosting for RAW!!! RT Maria to host WWE RAW after show on AfterBuzz TV in October -

After a fairly decent run in WWE (she snagged a Playboy cover in 2008 and had a long term storyline with Santino Marella) Maria was fired by WWE in early 2010. No concrete reason ever came out as to why, but the general feeling (which Maria would even later admit herself in her interview with Diva Dirt) was that WWE management were frustrated with the diva for putting her outside projects ahead of her WWE duties.

Maria had had a successful stint on Donald Trump's hugely successful show on NBC, Celebrity Apprentice, which had led to her garnering more attention in the mainstream and, presumably, getting more outside offers. She was also working on an album Sevin Sins—pursuing a music career being a dream of hers since childhood (she can't really sing, of course, and comes off as the worst Amy Lee tribute ever, but never mind.)

Kanellis noted in her interview with Diva Dirt that, after her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, she felt she had other options and was growing bored with her role in WWE as simply eye candy. It seems WWE management likely picked up on this, and it triggered her release.

In WWE, it's a very familiar story that wrestlers fans have seen numerous times before: The hugely over Sable left WWE in 1999 over frustrations with money and wishing to a pursue a Hollywood acting career; Chyna left in 2001, after achieving mainstream success; a few years later Stacy Keibler had a stint on ABC's Dancing with the Stars that garnered her a tremendous amount of attention, so much so that she never even bothered coming back to the company after she competed on the hit show.  

Of course, in all these cases, including Maria's, their fleeting fame passed and, without the WWE P.R machine behind them,  the women struggled to achieve anything close to their previous success (although Stacy impressively managed to bag George Clooney).

Triple H, talking mainly about Chyna but also some of the other women, would later comment on this in a 2004 interview when he was asked about WWE people leaving wrestling to pursue careers in the mainstream: "It happens to the women more, Sunny, Sable, Chyna, they get to a certain point, it's like the fall off point is Playboy, they do Playboy... and then have an attitude, It's like they don't get it. The second they get off TV the phone will stop ringing. They don't have the Vince promotional vehicle behind them anymore. They're not getting seen by millions of people anymore."

Triple H may have a point. It seems that for many WWE stars wishing to pursue mainstream success, the grass isn't always greener (not everyone can be The Rock, frankly), which might be something Kanellis is acknowledging by returning to her wrestling roots. 

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