Bronco Fans Please Thank KTVB

JT RayContributor INovember 18, 2008

For the past few weeks I have received a few email complaints and read some Internet chatter of fans voicing displeasure of the KTVB broadcast of Boise State Football games. Sure Mark Johnson isn't the best play by play man in the world and the yes the camera work isn’t Sunday Night Football caliber. However, I for one am happy that we have television coverage at all. Imagine if KTVB wasn’t able to broadcast all these games. Most of the non-ESPN games have been blowouts and the Oregon game was an OSN production that everyone in Boise should be thankful KTVB negotiated to broadcast. The games are broadcast over the air in Digital wide-screen for free. All KTVB asks in return is you watch a few advertisements during the game and listen to Mark Johnson as he provides an entertainment that rivals all those great George W. Bush speeches these past eight plus years.  So Bronco Nation please thank KTVB for all the effort that they have put forth and be thankful we are privalaged enough to see the Broncos in action each and every week.