Perception versus Reality

JT RayContributor INovember 17, 2008

Now that the 2008 version of the Boise State versus Idaho “rivalry” game is complete I would like to reflect on what was perceived and what was reality. Perception was Daniel Hardy made a truly athletic play and ran down the sidelines shocking the Boise State defense and giving Idaho a true hope that they could beat the Broncos and halt the losing streak at 9. Reality is in the process of making a tackle Kyle Gingg was too aggressive. So aggressive, upon seeing the tackle in process the Bronco defense eased up as to avoid any being late on hit and costing themselves a senseless penalty or better yet an ejection. Further, I guarantee the play the Vandals ran was in no way designed to break for 81 yards. The Vandals’ game plan, like so many other teams, was to keep the Bronco offense off the field. To do so calls for short passes and running the ball.

When analyzing the games’ first half statistics, despite a 17-10 score, the Idaho offense put up 102 yards passing and 68 yards running. Further, the Bronco defense held the Vandals scoreless in the second half. Ellis Powers forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown, atoning for the defensive miscue on the first play of the game. I congratulate a great effort by Hardy, but in the end the Idaho offense did what many others have done when facing the Bronco defense, they failed to score enough points to make a game of it. Better luck next year.