Survivor Series Casket Match Preview: Undertaker Vs. Big Show

Demetrus StokesAnalyst INovember 19, 2008

The 2008 edition of WWE's Survivor Series is this Sunday November 22nd.  One of the feature matches on the card is a Casket Match between two of the biggest (literally) stars in the WWE.  It will be "The World's Largest Athlete," The Big Show going one-on-one with "The Phenom," The Undertaker. 

The Casket Match has been good to The Undertaker in as he boast an 11-4 record in past Casket Matches.  So going into this match with Show you would think it has to be advantage Taker right?  Maybe not.

The Big Show is playing the common role of "the big guy who is deathly afraid of caskets."  We've seen this in the past with Yokozuna, Kamala, and Mark Henry.  But could the Big Show have an ace up his sleeve? 

A few scenarios could possibly play out in this match. 

We could see Vicki Guerrero summon Chavo Guerrero and maybe some other superstars to help Big Show lock Taker into the casket and finally put her arch rival away for good. 

Or (unless the WWE is saving him for Christian's return) we could finally see the return of Edge.  What better way to return then to exact revenge on the man who destroyed him in the Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam?

Finally we could see Taker dominate and close the casket on the Big Show.

I predict a combination of scenario No. 1 and No. 2.

Look for Vicki and Chavo to interfere in this match to no avail.  This will lead to the return of Edge who will cost Taker the match and give Show the upset victory.

The Undertaker will stay "buried" until his return at the Royal Rumble.