Will the Moose Be Mounted?

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

According to Fox Sports, Mike Mussina is set to retire.

He's going to leave his pitching days behind. It seems he has moved beyond increasing his stats.

He no longer has the integrity.

This happens to every professional at some point. We all knew Moose had to go, it was only a matter of time.

Moose will end his career with a win percentage over .500 by more than 100 games. The last 16 eligible players with that stat have made the Hall of Fame.

The only players with who achieved that feat that aren't in the hall are not eligible. These names along with Mike Mussina include Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux.

This is good company to be in—especially for Moose.

It seems to me that he is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.

Aside from having a great winning percentage, Mussina was also only 30 wins away from 300 and had a career ERA close to 3.50—these are certainly hall-of-famer statistics.

So will the Moose be forever mounted in the Hall of Fame?

I sure hope so, and I certainly think so, it would be shocking to me if he doesn't get in on the first ballot.

So long Moose, you were a great pitcher, not only that but New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles fans alike will miss you.

Moose will forever be in our hearts and minds as one of the great pitchers of the era.