WWE: Labor Day Presentation of 5 Underrated 'Laborers' in WWE History

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIISeptember 5, 2011

WWE: Labor Day Presentation of 5 Underrated 'Laborers' in WWE History

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    Hopefully you are sitting around enjoying your Labor Day by making plans for the barbecue this afternoon with family and friends.  

    For those of you that have to work, sorry about that.  I really do not miss having to go in to work this morning. 

    What better way to spend Labor Day by writing a "labor" themed article for Bleacher Report?  Granted, this may be my way of casually admitting that I do not have plans this afternoon, nor do I have many friends. 

    That being said, I present my list of five of the most underrated performers in WWE history.

5. Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat

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    I have long felt that Steamboat does not get the credit that he deserves.  

    For years, he was an amazing performer and could draw many fans in with his enthusiasm and his high-flying ability.  

    His rivalry with Randy Savage is one of the best in wrestling history.  

    Unfortunately, the Dragon has been lost in the shuffle over the years and many people today cannot appreciate the impact that he made during his tenure.  

    He made a brief return last year against the Nexus as well as to publicize his upcoming DVD release. However, a legitimate health issue forced him to be off camera sooner than anyone expected.  Here's hoping that Steamboat is fully healthy again.

    Enjoy the clip above and appreciate the Dragon in action.   

4. Bam Bam Bigelow

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    Some of you might be thinking that I did not take my medication this morning.  

    However, I want you to try to think of the last big man that was able to maneuver around the ring like Bigelow.  

    Regardless what generation you lived in, you knew who Bam Bam Bigelow was. 

    Every night Bigelow performed, he brought the intensity and the cartwheels.  He was a great entertainer for years, whether it was WCW or WWE, and it is a shame that he passed a few years ago.

    Bigelow will always be one of my favorites, and he should have won Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Ready to Rumble." 

3. Rick Rude

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    Before the dashing Cody Rhodes, there was the original, Rick Rude.  Just watching his first three minutes after he stepped in to the ring was priceless television.  

    The way that he could get people to scream at him, both in a good and bad way, was the mark of a true heel.  

    Whether they admitted it or not, many ladies enjoyed the routine that he did each time he was in the ring.  

    Val Venis tried this same personality and succeeded at it, but he could not match the personality of Rude in the ring.  Venis lived off the "sex sells" mantra, while Rude created his own persona and played that perfectly his entire career.  

    Watching Rude in the ring makes me appreciate how much the wrestlers in the past used their own talents to build their characters, without leaning on the pen and pencil of the creative writers.  

2. Kurt Angle

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    I know, Kurt is still an active wrestler with TNA Impact, and he was a multiple world champion.  

    This is a list of people that have performed in the WWE, and Kurt was one of the best that ever graced the ring.  I do not think that people fully appreciate what Angle contributed during his days at WWE.  

    The combination of his mic skills and his ring ability combined to make him one of the most complete wrestlers in the history of the sport.  

    Angle was not afraid to make fun of himself, and his theme music brought the thousands to their feet to yell "you suck."  As both a face and a heel, Angle provided top notch entertainment during his run with WWE.

    It was a shame that we did not see more Benoit-Angle matches, as these two were technically sound in every way.  Unfortunately, technically sound wrestling does not always sell on television.  

    Angle still looks as though he could compete in any organization at any time.    

1. CM Punk

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    Do you realize how good CM Punk is?  Really, do you?  

    Over the last three months, he has re-energized the sport of wrestling and brought necessary attention to the sport.  

    When you get mainstream sports media discussing your "shoot promo" on Raw, you have done something right.  

    The thing that amazes me about Punk is that how easy he makes everything look.  Watching his promos, it is almost as if he is just sitting in a bar somewhere talking to the patrons in the bar.  

    The ease at which he does it is impressive, and the way that he puts the "giants" of the company in their place makes for great viewing.  

    How long Punk's ride will go will be determined by the interest level of the fans. As of right now, the fans wanted a new person to believe in, and mainly because they were anti-Cena and tired of his act.  The fans dictate the business, and so far, the ride is at full speed.   


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    Once again, there was no particular ranking to this, and I want you to add your own wrestlers to this list.

    If you add a wrestler, briefly explain why you are doing so. It is always interesting to hear what the fans think on these slides.  

    Thanks for your participation! Happy Labor Day.

    Oh, by the way, the guy above didn't make the list.