50 Hottest Softball Player Pics Ever

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIISeptember 6, 2011

50 Hottest Softball Player Pics Ever

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    While the anxious swing of the bat and the vicious thud of the ball reaching the glove doesn't usually reek of sexiness, there are those unique times when beauty is discovered on the diamond.

    The biggest fails and mistakes may often become the most iconic moments, or most beautiful displays of athleticism.

    Softball women may appear to have a rough exterior as they preach toughness and vigorous determination, but deep down they just want to impress and show their fans that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    It's all over the field, they just enjoy making it more difficult to find.

    Here are the 50 sexiest softball pics ever.

    Enjoy the ride.

50. Taryne Mowatt Mowing Hitters Down

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    While she is known for leading the Arizona Wildcats to their second consecutive and eighth overall national softball title, Taryne Mowatt is applauded more for her beauty.

    The All-American right handed pitcher was drafted with the No. 6 overall pick by the Washington Glory of the National Pro Fastpitch, beginning a promising professional career.

    However, the real promise will come to fruition when she retires and begins a potent modeling career.

    At least we hope.

49. Jenn Brown, ESPN Always Gets the Best

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    She may now be a sportscaster with ESPN, but the sexy Jenn Brown is a former four-year softball player at the University of Florida.

    While she didn't flourish as an athlete, Brown is surely succeeding as a pretty face on television. 

    We thank ESPN for that.

48. Say Cheese

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    The 2006 Women's College World Series was clearly an exciting one as this player "says cheese" all the way through home plate.

    Only in softball can a player smile for the camera as she recklessly eludes the opposing catcher.

    Looking good is clearly top priority.

47. Ashley Tramp

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    While her name may attract plenty of borderline cracks, Ashley Tramp is no joke.

    The Ole Miss catcher was named third-team All-American by Louisville Slugger in High School.

    It's unfortunate her beauty is hidden behind the catching equipment.

46. What You Talkin Bout Megan Willis

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    Professional softball player Megan Willis has the eyes to attract a room.

    Her website not only perfectly mixes sexiness and elegance, but it also focuses on the remarkable tone of her eyes.

    The opposing pitchers could never concentrate.

45. Ashley Constantini

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    Don't let this player's beauty fool you, she is a master on the mound.

    As a Senior in high school, Seton Hall pitcher Ashley Constantini threw three no-hitters, one perfect game and nine shutouts, with an ERA of 0.88 and 133 strikeouts.

    The icing on the cake was being named the 2007 Big East Academic All-Star.

    While her college career wasn't as prolific, considering she hit a career-high .224 in 2007, she will undoubtedly find opportunities to look good for the rest of her life.

    Easy to see why.

44. The Highs and Caitlin Lowe(s)

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    Former University of Arizona player Caitlin Lowe can clearly handle a bat.

    Now a professional, Lowe won a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, having been a member of the U.S. Women's National Softball Team since 2005.

    Caitlin is the Wildcat’s career leader in stolen bases, with a total of 156, and is officially the leader in stolen hearts as her fans are evidently impressed.

43. Macie Morrow

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    The determination and the sheer adrenalin that is flowing through her body is very apparent with the slight smile, the meticulous curl of her glove.

    All that is irrelevant as we appreciate former Texas A&M player Macie Morrow's beauty.

    Those fans truly miss her.

42. Blonde Is Better

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    There's nothing sexier than two softball players displaying their dominant grip on the sport.

    Call it field of dreams, but these women grace the diamond with their innocent smiles and hidden viciousness that only escapes when they are required to perform.

    Don't be fooled by the white teeth.

41. Lauren Peters

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    This beauty first opened eyes as a freshman at N.C. State, when she was forced to sit out the season after straining her UCL during fall practice.

    While Lauren Peters significantly improved the sex appeal of the bench, she left fans wanting more.

    Known as a speedy outfielder who can also play second base, Peters is sprinting through the minds of all her fans.

40. Elegant Jennie Finch

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    The most iconic player in the history of softball only has one thing left to prove, and it won't take much convincing. 

    Jennie Finch clearly believes that a tight uniform is unnecessary and that an elegant skirt is the way to go.

    True dominance.

39. Lauren Peters Side-Arming Her Way to the Top

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    Lauren Peters may be a multi-talented utility player, but she shows us why she's separated herself from more skilled girls.

    Evidently a side-arming specialist, Peters continues to surprise fans with her newfound abilities.

    We're only beginning to realize what she can do on camera.

38. K’Lee Arredondo

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    The former Arizona Wildcats shortstop is always focused and always ready for the camera.

    K’Lee Arredondo also likes to keep her fans on their toes by rotating her hair color.

    Always an element of surprise.

37. Kate Upton Gets It Done

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    Known for her appearance in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, model Kate Upton doesn't have to do much to make male fans drool.

    Smiling with a bat in her hand can't hurt.

36. The Ultimate Nightmare: Jennie Finch

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    Jennie Finch was not only a dominant pitcher, but she haunted the dreams of opponents before and after they faced her.

    Their nightmares consisted of the star pitcher smiling sarcastically at them as she was tossing a plethora of 98 mph risers at them.

    They would wake up and hear "strike three."

35. James Harrison's Idol

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    While it's unclear as to what exactly is occurring here, it's obvious that losing is not an option for either one of these girls.

    There's something about watching two women fight for a few inches that makes us smile.

    The Lingerie Football League figured out the next step.

34. Not Wasting Any Sun

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    They may be playing in a tie game, with the game on the line, but that doesn't stop these women from taking a breather to work on their tan.

    The facial expressions are all procedural as they are clearly relaxing.

    Great acting.

33. I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: K’Lee Arredondo

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    Brains, beauty and swagger.

    In 2009, K’Lee Arredondo was Pac-10 All-Academic first team and ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District VIII honors with a 3.64 GPA in psychology.

    We would love to be tested by her.

32. The Finch

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    While Jennie Finch always causes jaws to drop with her breathtaking photo shoots, she causes just as much excitement with her in-game shots, as she displays her flippant disregard for her opponents.

    Dominance is sexy.

31. Francesca Enea Exciting the Crowd

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    While the positions outside of the infield can seemingly feel mundane and tedious as each pitch is thrown, former University of Florida outfielder Francesca Enea knows how to make it exciting.

    The blue ribbon, tight pants and determined glare is all it takes to excite the surrounding fans.

    Florida games were never boring.

30. Carrie Underwood Expanding Her Repertoire

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    Carrie Underwood isn't just a successful country singer and the wife of NHLer Mike Fisher.

    She is also an atrocious softball player, as displayed when she got the chance to play in a celebrity game.

    But at least she looks great doing it, since that's all that matters.

29. Jennie Finch Doing It All

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    And she can hit.

    It's no coincidence that, in 2003, Finch received the most votes in an ESPN online poll as the most attractive female athlete.

    To top it off, People magazine named Finch one of its "50 Most Beautiful People," the only female athlete included.

28. This Is What Megan Willis Was Talkin Bout

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    While she may not be related to Dontrelle Willis, now with the Cincinnati Reds, Megan Willis is just as reckless on the diamond.

    She seemingly has the Troy Polamalu complex as she wants her opponents to watch her hair swing back and forth in the breeze as she sprints around the bases.


27. Slightly Underdressed

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    She may be holding a baseball bat, but this girl is undoubtedly waiting for a larger ball to cross the plate.

    As often as they have recently changed NCAA football uniforms, they need to alter the softball uniforms.

    This seems like the ideal attire.

26. Reese's Pieces: Reese Witherspoon

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    While she may be known most for her role as Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movies and her breathtaking role in Cruel Intentions, Witherspoon can clearly run the bases as well.

    She was training for a movie during this shoot, getting ready to perform as an Olympic softball player, alongside Owen Wilson.

    Sounds like a riveting plot.

25. A Whitney Baker's Dozen

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    In her last year at UCLA, pitcher Whitney Baker posted a 9-2 record with a 3.33 earned run average and 73 strikeouts in 63 innings, while tossing three complete games.

    But that success didn't go to her head, as she was always focused and never cocky.

    We hate to see her stare down in defeat.

24. Jennie Finch's Shadow

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    A fierce, audacious competitor, Finch continued to run down opponents with her electric 98 mph pitches and her mesmerizing stare.

    She can't be beat.

23. When in Rome

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    This defender is riding the runner like a bull, and she's holding on for dear life.

    Although, judging by the intense expression on the face of the base runner, she's going for the Seabiscuit look.

    Not much else going on.

22. Purple Rain

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    While she appears to be aggressively cheering on her teammates, the most probable explanation for this expression is the breaking of a precious nail.

    However, we must condone her for consistently matching all aspects of her uniform, from the hair-tie to the resulting purple tongue from drinking grape juice earlier in the day.

    Ferocious fashionista.

21. Another Day at the Office for Jennie Finch

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    Most fans drop their jaws in awe at the incredible ability of the seductive Jennie Finch, but she just expresses a confident smile that reeks of routine.

    She is used to this domination. Consistently striking out the best MLB hitters at their All-Star Game.

    Just another day at the office.

20. In Hindsight

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    Perhaps Brett Favre should approach this female instead of the famous Jenn Sterger, considering she's wearing his jersey number. Maybe she's a fan.

    Although he should take it slow this time. Provocative text messages aren't exactly proper procedure.

19. Pudge Willis

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    In her first season with the USSSA Pride in 2010, Megan Willis started 40 out of 57 games and was a threat behind the plate, throwing out nine of 17 runners trying to steal.

    Call her the Pudge of softball, she is clearly a stud behind the dish.

    Too bad the helmet covers her beautiful face.

18. The Woman, the Legend: Jennie Finch

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    Her form is impeccable, her mechanics ideal.

    She is the essence of softball and has headlined the sport forever.

    Jennie Finch is her sport.

17. Bianca Cruzing Along

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    Former Arizona State player Bianca Cruz may have become a beautiful model, but she wasn't always covered in makeup and hairspray.

    During her days as a Sun Devil, she exemplified solid play and sportsmanship.

    Beautiful and good-hearted, the perfect catch.

16. Something Is Bruing

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    The UCLA softball players, or rather the scouts, continue to impress us.

    They have found the key to success... beauty.

    All the opponents can do is stare with jealousy.

15. Kimi Pholman Has Team Spirit

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    As a Junior in 2011, University of Washington outfielder Kimi Pholman was named co-offensive MVP with Niki Williams and First-Team All-Pac-10 and All-Pacific Region.

    She was also named Co-Most Spirited of the Year at the WESPYs.

    With that smile, Pholman surely lights up the room.

14. Team Bonding

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    If anyone doubted the adventurous side of softball players, this should clear things up.

    A slight, yet firm grasp on the well-being of her teammate, this softball player knows what it takes to succeed.

    True love.

13. Intimdation at Its Best

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    Whether these softball players are the most fearless competitors in sports is still up for debate, but one thing is not.

    These photographers know how to capture these players in their darkest, yet most dominant moments.

    It's all about intimidation.

    Perhaps some foaming at the mouth?

12. Californication

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    At this point, we expect nothing less from this stellar squad.

    It's curious as to how they compare to the Florida State Cowgirls.

    It's a tight one so far.

11. Soccer Ball Is No Problem for Finch

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    At first, the miraculous Jennie Finch was baffled with what was proposed to her, but then she reconsidered.

    If they wanted her to continue striking out hitters, that would be acceptable. But with a soccer ball?

    Finch comically stated with a quick stare that it would be impossible to hit her pitches no matter what ball was being used.

    No problem.

10. UCLA Pride

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    Softball girls often get a bad reputation for lacking a killer feminine instinct, as well as any gentle features, but the UCLA team has certainly proved all the doubters wrong.

    We are thoroughly impressed with the scouts that were hired.

    Time for a raise.

9. We Like to Party

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    It seems comical that these girls wear a professional uniform, arm bands, eye black and high socks, yet a hat is unnecessary.

    While a softball cap may seem superfluous, it's interesting that, while every other aspect of their attire is strictly laid out, their hair can loosely swing in the breeze and excite their fans.

    On the other hand, it shows us they also like to party.

8. A Promising Future for Bianca Cruz

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    There are more pictures of Cruz posing with limited clothes than there are of her playing softball because it's clear that her calling is in front of the camera.

    Softball just left her needing more, and left fans wanting a change of attire.

    This is about right.

7. The Patriots

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    This is a delightful sight.

    Seeing a cohesive, albeit individualistic unit smiling and skipping in unison can only bring cheer to American fans.

    As well as any fans enjoying their beauty.

6. Kimi Pholman Gets Done Up

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    Kimi Pholman batted .432 as a Junior, collecting 79 hits in 183 at bats with 57 runs, eight doubles, one triple, three home runs, 28 RBIs and 15 walks. 

    If that's not impressive enough, her .536 slugging percentage and .483 on-base percentage should open up some eyes.

    Or her looks.

5. The Finch Delivery

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    While her pitches are overbearing and dominant, it's arguably her monstrous delivery that causes superfluous whiffs.

    Or it's her elegant sexiness.

    Opponents can't possibly focus on the ball with so much occurring on the mound.

4. Fool Me Once...

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    She may appear to be finishing an overhand toss, wearing a two-piece and exerting a sarcastic smile that only appears during celebrity games, but this girl is certainly flirting with softball dominance.

    Not necessarily from her clearly-distracting attributes, but rather from the placement she receives on this list.

    Her velocity isn't what strikes opponents out.

3. The Ideal Uniform

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    Two things are apparent during this shot.

    The uniforms need to be altered until they look like this, and cameras need to stop bothering these players.

    Clearly these women can't avoid smiling when the lenses are on them.

2. Jennie Finch Enjoys Her Free Time

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    Known as the most recognizable and dominant softball player of her era, Finch is just as successful off the field as she was on.

    In the 2004 Pepsi All-Star Softball Game, Finch showed her immense talent by striking out Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza and Brian Giles. With the mound closer to home plate in softball than in baseball, Finch's pitches have been said to be equivalent to a 98 mph pitch.

    While that may be not be a big deal, her looks certainly are.

    She modeled swimwear for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2005, but turned down lucrative offers to pose nude for Playboy and Maxim.

1. Bianca Cruzing the World

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    New York Mets outfielder Jason Pridie may be failing as a major leaguer, hitting .226 this year in 85 games, but he certainly shined as a bachelor.

    His girlfriend, the beautiful Bianca Cruz, is a former Arizona State University third baseman and a current model who is quickly making a name for herself.

    She's just begun.