Daily Haze: Happy Labor Day, Football Week

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Daily Haze: Happy Labor Day, Football Week

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Happy Labor Day! Fortunately we can actually celebrate this day instead of dread it, since the NFL ended its labor stoppage earlier this summer.

Otherwise, there would be some pretty pissed off football fans right about now.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend watching college football. Saints and Packers get the NFL regular season kicked off on Thursday. Spend today celebrating the return of football season!

Recapping some of our stories from last week:

Here are today’s great reads:

  • The first player on this comeback fantasy players of 2011 list has a shot at finishing the season in the elite category: Tony Romo. Like Matthew Stafford, Romo has his own injury concerns with which to deal. And like Stafford, he has an incredible cache of weapons at his disposal. I am comparing these two quarterbacks for a reason — Romo cost you more in fantasy drafts, but Stafford may provide equal or better value. [Bruno Boys]
  • So much for all the fantasy football sleeper talk around here, I think we woke a few guys up this summer. Tim Hightower, behind a fabulous preseason and lots of buzz as a “sleeper” in fantasy circles, saw a dramatic rise in average draft position over the last few weeks. [Fantasy Football Calculator]
  • Slow weekend for fantasy stories, probably because most sites are beginning to transition from fantasy draft info to regular season product. But here is one more for you today: Watch tight end Jared Cook closely at the start of the 2011 season. Matt Hasselbeck could rely on Cook to make plays and he looked promising down the stretch in 2010. [The Big Lead]

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