TNA News: TNA Champ Kurt Angle Arrested in Virginia

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 5, 2011


According to, TNA Champ Kurt Angle was arrested Sunday morning for  DWI. This is Angle's second arrest this year for the same reason.

As you may recall, he was arrested in North Dakota in March for being drunk while operating a vehicle. 

It should be noted that in the first incident, Angle's car was found parked on the side of the road with Angle in the driver seat.

Virginia police spoke to TMZ about the latest incident, stating:

Angle's car was spotted by another driver...swerving between lanes on I-66. Angle was busted by Virginia State Troopers, who responded to the call, and taken to Warren County Jail.

He posted $2,000 bond and was released at 3:31 a.m.

This does not bode well for TNA or Angle, as both cannot afford any more negative press. In Angle's case, he is attempting a run at the 2012 Olympics and I am sure this will not help his cause.

While TNA, on the other hand, does not need another big name getting into trouble as they continue struggling to keep their fanbase. Let's not forget, it has barely been a month since Matt Hardy had his run in with the law, which ultimately lead to his release from TNA.

So, with Bound For Glory a little more than a month away the question is, how does TNA handle this situation?

Ideally, they should at least suspend Angle and strip him of the title.

However, you run into a problem with whom you give the title to. The most obvious choice, sadly, is Sting. However, most fans have grown tired of Sting and seeing him with the strap again may further alienate true TNA diehards.

So chances are Angle will probably get off scot-free as he did last time, and TNA will not punish him for this poor choice.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: Angle needs to clean up his act because TNA needs a solid name to keep the company going—and for almost five years, that name has been Kurt Angle.