Georgia Football: 6 Things the 'Dawgs Must Do to Beat South Carolina

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2011

Georgia Football: 6 Things the 'Dawgs Must Do to Beat South Carolina

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    Georgia was beaten in every aspect of the game against Boise State, and many are clamoring for a new head coach.

    The good news for the 'Dawgs is that the loss against the Broncos has no impact on the SEC East race, and their schedule to follow is considerably easier.

    If Georgia can knock off the favored Gamecocks at home next week, the villagers might just put down their pitch forks.

    Let's look at six things the Dawgs need to do to beat South Carolina and, perhaps, save Mark Richt's job.

Target Orson Charles Early and Often

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    Orson Charles was just about the only bright spot for the Dawgs offense against Boise State, hauling in six grabs for 108 yards and a score.

    If Georgia wants to beat South Carolina, they need to keep throwing the ball in the big tight end's direction.

Get Isaiah Crowell on the Edge

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    On Saturday, Boise State exploited the 'Dawgs inability to run the ball between the tackles.

    The solution?

    Get the ball to the edge and put it in the hands of Isaiah Crowell, who showed signs of electricity against the Broncos.

Give Brandon Boykin More Offensive Plays

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    On Brandon Boykin's first offensive play ever, he took a hand-off 80 yards for a touchdown.

    This play was the biggest spark the 'Dawgs had against Boise State, and they need to keep Boykin involved in the offense against Spurrier and the Gamecocks.

Give Aaron Murray More Time to Throw

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    Aaron Murray ended up on his backside far too often against the Broncos.

    With Georgia's running game scuffling, the offensive line has got to give Murray more time to throw the ball.

    If the O-Line protects like it did against Boise State, it could get ugly against the Ole Ball Coach.

Put the Ball in Malcolm Mitchell's Hands

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    Malcolm Mitchell had a strong showing in his first career college football game, accounting for 82 total yards (64 receiving, 18 rushing) and a touchdown.

    Mitchell did show his lack of experience by looking confused on numerous routes against Boise State, but his play-making ability is palpable.

    Georgia needs to put the ball in his hands in safe situations and let his instincts lead the way.

    Reverses, screens, deep routes. 

Throw the Ball More Often

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    A combination with No. 4, Georgia's passing attack needs to be more potent if they want to beat South Carolina.

    Aaron Murray threw the ball 29 times against Boise State, and the 'Dawgs need to keep tossing the ball around to save Mark Richt's job.

    The lack of a running game really puts the onus on Murray to find a security blanket other than Orson Charles.

Honorable Mention: Strap Jarvis Jones' Helmet Tighter

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    It seemed like every other play, the Bulldogs linebacker lost his head gear.