LeBron James Out of Line?

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

I'm not taunting Clevelanders with this article, even though I am a Broncos fan. Therefore, I would hope residents from Ashtabula-Akron along the shores of Lake Erie will not be offended by my words.

With that said, however cliché it may seem, after Cleveland has something good happen, a negative thing overshadows it. Monday evening, the gutsy Browns saved their season when Phil Dawson nailed a 56-yard field goal to defeat the Bills.

While I was thinking that perhaps Cleveland has turned things around, the chalupa incident concerning LeBron James stole the Browns' well-deserved plaudits.

For those of you who may not know what I'm referring to, in a game last week at Quicken Loans Arena, with the Cavaliers leading the Milwaukee Bucks 99-93, under strict orders from head coach Mike Brown, James was instructed to kill the clock rather than score a gratuitous basket.

On the surface, this was a good thing. I still think that as a superstar whom children all over the world adulate, LeBron did the right thing by not running up the score. (Are you listening, Bill Belichick?)

Anyway, the problem is that every time the Cavaliers amass 100 points, a Cleveland-area Taco Bell gives away free chalupas.

Perhaps the fans at the "Q" were disappointed with James when he didn't provide free food for them as they booed. I know the economy isn't doing so well at the moment, but do Clevelanders really want to scorn one of the best talents the city has ever seen in any sport? (Yes, old-timers, Jim Brown is undoubtedly Cleveland's greatest sports hero and probably always will be.)

I don't think that anyone wants to play LeBron like they did Art Modell, primarily if he has aspirations to join the Nets or Knickerbockers, as many NBA analysts have previously surmised.

Supposedly, James has already done irrevocable damage to the psyches of Cleveland fans. When the Cowboys faced the Browns in Week One, he hung out on the Dallas sidelines. He has also been spotted many times at Jacobs Field rocking a Yankees hat.

However, the last time I checked, this is the United States of America, and if someone isn't deliberately hurting someone else, then citizens of this nation have the right to do whatever they want.

Hopefully the relationship between the city of Cleveland and its supposed favorite son, King James (who, despite my broadcast and Bleacher Report name, is not my brother) becomes stronger because right now the Cavaliers are playing quite well and that should not be overshadowed.