Josh Smith Out with Ankle Injury: Atlanta Hawks Lose a Wing

Ian StoneContributor INovember 19, 2008

The Hawks started as the most surprising team in the NBA, beginning the season in first place in the Eastern Conference. 

To get to first place they beat other rising teams such as Orlando, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Chicago, averaging 99 points per game during that run.

After going 37-45 last season, they were almost guaranteed to show at least a little improvement. With Josh Smith and Joe Johnson slowly becoming NBA veterans, they didn't need that much help.

They were 6-0 and there was virtually no one and nothing that could stand in their way or prevent them from thriving.

Something did happen, however: Josh Smith. After leading his team to a six-game winning streak, using his amazing passing, dunking, rebounding, and blocking skills, he got hurt.

Atlanta needs someone to help take his place until he can return. Marvin Williams is going to need to take on some of the extra work to get it done.

Josh Smith is the glue of the Hawks and without him they will fall apart.