WNBA Welcomes New Franchise: Atlanta Dream

David HarrisCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2008
"If I have learned anything from Juwanna Man is that we need to get a women's basketball team and bring some dignity back to Atlanta. And by dignity I mean the hilarious hijinks of Miguel Nunez playing a female basketball player."

Well, ask and you shall receive: I give you the Atlanta Dream, the newest WNBA franchise!! And holy crap, the expansion draft is on February 6th! That's less than a week from now. Do I hear a clamor for some live blogging of this event?

It continues to blow my mind that such a money-draining failure of a business venture continues to expand on the backbone of another enterprise (the NBA).

Knowing our luck, the Dream will immediately become the greatest franchise in the history of our city.