10 Things We Learned from Watching WWE Films

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10 Things We Learned from Watching WWE Films
He just wants his kid back!

In 2002 Vince McMahon decided to conquer the movie world, and created WWE Films (now WWE Studios) to develop and produce feature films. 

In terms of money, WWE Studios has cost Vince (a movie producer whom no one is about to confuse with Jerry Bruckheimer) a considerable amount of money. Reportedly, only The Marine and See No Evil ever made a profit, presumably because there was some initial camp value for fans in going to see their favourite wrestlers of WWE in actual movies,

The rest of the movies were definitely not financial successes, though. Notably action films like The Condemned and 12 Rounds lost millions and the saccharine, coming-of-age flick That's What I Am lost $3 million for the company when all was said and done. The HHH vehicle, The Chaperone, tanked so badly on its (very limited) opening weekend it didn't even register on most box office measurement sites at first. Ouch.

So, Vince has failed in yet another outside project and thrown his money down the toilet once again (after failing in politics, bodybuilding, the music industry and professional football, you would think the WWE owner would have learned by now that it would be a lot easier—and cheaper—to simply stick to what he's good at.)  

But does that mean WWE Films were a total waste? Of course not. In fact, over the course of 10 movies we reckon WWE Studios has taught us some extremely valuable life lessons. Whether it's teaching us the importance of marriage (only worth doing if you're willing to save your wife from kidnappers every other week) or that HHH has more get-out-of-jail-free cards than a Monopoly board, there's always some sort of life lesson to glean from watching these flicks.

So, partly in honor of the HHH movie Inside Out and its upcoming release, here is a rundown of what we've learned so far...   

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