Pac-12 Expansion: News, Analysis and Observations

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Pac-12 Expansion: News, Analysis and Observations
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With all the talks of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12, sources are flying out left and right talking about a possible Pac-12 expansion...again. The Pac-12 just added two teams in Utah and Colorado, and now there's speculation that it may just want to add a couple more.

Could Texas A&M be one of those teams? Or possibly Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or someone else from the Big 12? Either way it appears that the Big 12 is the conference that is going to be dismantled. It seems like A&M has started a trend here in the conference, where nobody wants to stick around.

This could be due in large part to Texas and its Longhorn Network, but it could also just be from a competition standpoint. Would joining a super conference help out with exposure? The most interesting thing about this is that it's just beginning and we're only one week into this very young season.

The rumors will start to be more prevalent and there may even be some surprise teams joining conferences. Will the Big 12 be the only conference to get separated or will the Big East begin to fall apart as well? Will the SEC try to keep up with the Pac-12 if it expands? What happens to the ACC?

Only time will tell, but at this moment all we can do is sit back, speculate and watch the development.

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