From First to Last: The Buffalo Bills

Brandon K.Correspondent INovember 19, 2008

The Buffalo Bills are 4-0 for the first time since 1992. They are in first place in their division. Tom Brady will not play another down this season. Trent Edwards is the second coming of Jim Kelly. The Bills are unstoppable.

...That was then, this is now..

The Bills have lost five of their last six games, including four in a row. They are 0-3 in the AFC East and are in sole possession of last place in their division at 5-5.

Tell me, not another heartbreak, not another nightmare season...

No, they are not out of it yet, but it looks very bleak. The Bills would have to win their remaining six games to have a shot at the postseason. Five weeks ago, we were anointing Trent Edwards as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

Though, in the long run, it might still prove to be true, he has been an utter disappointment the past few weeks, and almost single handily cost the Bills the game on Monday Night Football.

The Bills were able to get pressure on Brady Quinn in just his second game as Browns' starter. They ran the ball for over 180 yards, and Marshawn Lynch hit the century mark for the first time this year on the ground, and added 10 catches for 58 yards through the air.

Leodis McKelvin electrified 73,000 plus fans with a 98-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter. The Bills should have won this game right?


The Bills coaching staff proved yet again that conservative football does not win games in the National Football League. And it never will. Edwards threw three interceptions to start the game and for the most part couldn't recover. His numbers were decent in the second half, but Edwards failed to get the ball to his No. 1 receiver, Lee Evans.

Right after Phil Dawson nailed a 56-yard field goal to put the Browns in the lead with 1:39 remaining, the Bills got the ball with great field position. First play of the drive, Edwards throws his best pass all game to Robert Royal for a 22-yard gain which put the Bills inside the 40-yard line with about a minute to go and one time out to spare.

What did the Bills decide to do? Run the ball and the clock the next three plays and attempt a 47-yard field goal to put the Bills in the lead. Well, as history tells us, 47-yard field goals to win the game don't usually go well for the Bills. "Wide Right."

The Bills, with one timeout and plenty of time on the clock, could have gotten the ball inside the 30. But the conservative play calling, and perhaps lack of faith in their quarterback, prevented them from doing so and cost them the game and their playoffs hopes.

There is more to be worried about then just this season. Is there a problem between second year quarterback Trent Edwards and our $9 million per year receiver Lee Evans? Will this team succeed with newly extended head coach Dick Jauron?

Many questions enter the minds of Bills fans when they witness one of the worst collapses in team history. A lot of irrational thoughts come spewing out because what was supposed to be a somewhat magical season has took a turn for the worse.

This was our shot to prove the Bills relevance in the NFL once again, and end a postseason drought that has been on going since the "Music City Miracle." But once again, we are forced to tell ourselves, there's always next year...