Philadelphia Eagles' 53-Man Roster Has Some Surprising Decisions

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2011

Joselio Hanson was a surprising cut
Joselio Hanson was a surprising cutAl Bello/Getty Images

Well, my projections were not great, as a few of the moves really surprised me. First, Joselio Hanson is way too good a player to be cut. I understand he frees up $2.4 million in cap room but they should have traded him for someone for a mid-round draft pick. I was thinking you could get a fifth- or sixth-rounder for him.

The only logic there is you need the cap room for DeSean Jackson's deal. If that happens soon, then it will make sense. Otherwise, no real logical explanation on that one.

I was also surprised the Eagles only kept five receivers and two tight ends. The two tight ends would not have been shocking if they kept six wide receivers, but with only five WRs and two tight ends, I am surprised at the total number.

If you couple that with only three running backs and one fullback, the Eagles only have a total of 11 players at the "skill positions" on offense. One of them, Steve Smith, may not be ready for the first few games, which leaves them only four healthy wide receivers. That seems a bit bizarre. Perhaps a move is still going to be made before the Rams game.

I am surprised that Julian Vandervelde made the team at the offensive line spot. He did not stand out to me in preseason but the young player must be someone the Eagles like. Also, Winston Justice not on the PUP list makes you think he will be ready by Week 3 at the latest.

On the defensive side, the biggest shock is at defensive tackle, where Cedric Thornton made the team. I thought at best he could hope for the practice squad. Thornton is a young player who is raw but shows flashes, clearly the Eagles like him.

Also, they gave up on Daneil Teo-Nesheim fast, didn't they? He was a third-round pick a year ago and now he is gone. It is amazing the Eagles decided to give up on him so fast. I am happy for Philip Hunt though as he did deserve to make the team.

Are the Eagles done making moves now? I have a suspicion they make one more roster move before the season starts. The question is, where?