Guy Lafleur in Court on February 7th

Francois GendronSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2008

Guy Lafleur met the police on Thursday morning and everything is now set for a trial.

Lafleur’s trial will take place in Montreal and will begin on February 7th.

The trial will take place in front of a judge and 12 members of a jury.

The story has already made headlines all over North America and already different kinds of reactions from the public are coming from everywhere.

Some are throwing stones, while some others are remembering Lafleur’s days of glory and are ready to forgive and forget.

Some will plea for a prison sentence, some others for a fine. A couple of others will plea for community work while others ask for a suspended sentence.

The police did not open a file of Guy Lafleur’s fingerprints to avoid difficulties if Lafleur was to cross the U.S. border after the story. This is in fact something worth thinking about.

Were the police too soft on a person like Guy Lafleur? The case was big enough to issue an arrest warrant, but not enough to file Lafleur’s fingerprints in the database. Where is the line? This smells like confusion to me.

The trial will start next week.