Mike Vick's ReInstatement into the NFL in 2009

Jersey ChaserContributor IINovember 19, 2008

With Mike Vick set to be released in July 2009, there is talk of suspending him from the NFL for a season or maybe longer. Already having served most the time on his 23-month sentence, once he gets out, Michael Vick will already been suspended from the league for two years.

Michael Vick, like his dogs, should be believed in and given a second chance. While the dogs had animal groups supporting their reinsertion into society and belief in their rehabilitation, it is up to the fans to support Vick.

Should he not too be able to return and rejoin a family, the NFL family, and the game he loves?

Therefor one must support Michael Vick's immediate reinsertion.

But, before we get here, we most first know what has happened to him.

It was 2006 and Michael Vick was well on his way to being one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. Redefining the games with his tremendous speed and cat-like reflexes, he cannot be compared to any NFL player, past or present.

He was surely a treat for all sports fans. Whether a Falcons supporter or not, you were excited with the thought of him playing. You knew you were going to see something spectacular that you had not seen before when he played.

In 2007, all of this was forgotten. Michael Vick was indited in a federal dogfighting case that took him from the penthouse to the doghouse in a matter of months.

Everyone would was made aware of the part he played in gambling, dogfighting, and animal cruelty towards over 60 pit bulls. Individuals who were previously unaware of dogfighting and the fight for animal rights, took interest and supported the cause.

A public outcry ensued, and many people felt he should be held accountable for his crimes against the animal kingdom. In the court of law, a judge and jury of his peers, agreed and sentenced him to almost two years in a federal prison; thereby letting all Americans know that celebrities are not above the law, and animal-rights violations are just as serious as human-rights violations.

For it is up to humans to protect the rights of animals everywhere and to treat man's best friend as they have treated us for centuries—with love and respect. 
Where most dogs would have been put down from fear they could be rehabilitate, Michael Vick's donation of almost $1 million and celebrity have led to almost all of the dogs being rescued. Already, many of the pit bull's lives have gotten tremendously better, with half of them living with adopted families and the other half responding well to treatment.

Michael Vick's situation, however, has gotten worse. Having to file for bankruptcy while in jail, he has lost a lot—money, pride, respect, and the love of his life, football.

But, during his time in jail, he has gained that which is priceless—character, a greater appreciation for life, self-worth, and integrity. 

So we came up with the idea of starting a petition. A petition that, with all its signatures, along with a letter, will be sent to NFL Commissioner Goodell, supporting Michael Vick.

We are acknowledging the fact that he has committed crimes in his past, but we believe he has paid for them, and more importantly learned from them. These trying times have allowed Michael Vick to become a new and improved person.

So, we believe Michael Vick should be allowed to return to football so his story can be shared and learned from by the NFL, its team, players, and fans, without delay.

This will allow the original cause not to be lost, by keeping the goal of raising animal awareness and action in mind.  Let him show us the good he can do for animals—for if the animals can make a change for the better, so can he.

So we are calling on the fans in support of Michael Vick. Let your voice as a fan be heard. Let America's voice be heard. Support the continued fight against animal cruelty. Support Vick's reinstatement.

Sign the petition.