M-1 Proposes Lesnar Vs Fedor Fight In Press Release

Colin VassalloCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

UFC rival M-1 has offered its congratulations to Brock Lesnar on becoming the new UFC Heavyweight champion this past Saturday in a press release however the congratulations were quickly dismissed after M-1 challenged Lesnar and UFC to put their money where their mouth is and have their new champion fight WAMMA Undisputed Heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

Fedor is considered one of the - if not the - best heavyweight on the planet.

"While M-1 and Fedor remain interested in a match against Couture, we would also like to publicly state for the record that we would welcome a superfight between Fedor and Lesnar that would be held as a co-promoted event between the UFC, M-1, and Affliction Entertainment," the statement read.

M-1 also took a shot at Lesnar saying that despite being an accomplished athlete and a talented fighter they do not think he is the number one heavyweight in the world.

"Until someone beats him, we strongly believe that Fedor should continue to be recognized as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. In a match between Fedor and Lesnar, we do not feel that at this stage Lesnar would be able to make it out of the first round."

Fedor - who is 32 and from Russia - holds a record of 29 wins, one loss and one no contest. Six of the wins were by knockout and sixteen by submission.

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