Report: Coco Crisp Traded to Royals

Don SpielesCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

According to Brian McRae reporting for Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City, the Royals acquired center fielder Coco Crisp from the Red Sox for reliever Ramon Ramirez.

Crisp had been the subject of almost constant trade rumors for much of the 2008 season. The comeuppance of Red Sox prospect Jacoby Ellsbury at the end of the '07 season had Terry Francona playing round-robin with the center field duties. Injury situations with J.D. Drew and Manny Ramirez (early on), though, gave both Ellsbury and Crisp more time in the field as the season progressed.

Crisp ended the 2007 season in a slump of sorts improved greatly in 2008. His 2007 challenges at the dish made way for the then-surging Ellsbury. While his defense was always prime, his resurgent bat helped keep the Red Sox in the hunt, propelling them all the way to a Game Seven loss in the ALCS to the Rays.

Crisp also made news on June 6 when he charged the mound after getting plunked by James Shields of the Rays. The ensuing brawl resulted in multiple suspensions, including one for Crisp.

Ramon Ramirez, who came up with the Rockies organization in 2006, had a resurgent season of his own in 2008. After a combined 5.88 ERA over 2006 and 2007 with Colorado (85 innings), Ramirez dealt 72 innings in relief for KC this past season, posting a 2.64 ERA with 70 strikeouts.