The Top 5 Heels in WWE

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 4, 2011

The Top 5 Heels in WWE

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    This slideshow will be simple: Who are the top five heels in the WWE today?

    This slideshow is my opinion. It will based on consistency, what each wrestler has done recently and, most importantly, what has resulted because of their actions. 

    Some people may agree or disagree with it. Others may ask "Why is [input person here] on this list?"

    Whatever the case may be, for the fans and IWC I give everyone my top five heels in the WWE.

5. Awesome Truth

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    I decided that since they are a pair now that I should treat them as such.

    Had I not done that they would have taken up two spots already, and the next guy would have been taken off.

    Both these guys are entertaining to watch. When they speak, people listen whether they are booing or cheering. They have claimed to be mistreated in the WWE and it will no longer be tolerated.

    They have a point and a cause to run with it and wasted no time in doing so. They attacked CM Punk at the end of his match against The Miz and set up Kevin Nash to deliver another jackknife powerbomb to Punk. 

    They can strike at any time because they have said that they are no longer waiting on anything. If they want something they will simply take it.

    They were both great heels as singles wrestlers and they are showing they are very dangerous as a tag team. If they went for the tag team titles Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne might be in trouble.

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    He is a great heel even though he does need some more character building and improvement on the microphone.

    The problem with Alberto Del Rio is he has been having problems with his work visa and has not been allowed to work inside the USA. That is not good for being the WWE Champion and trying to prove his worth.

    Despite that right now he has shown that he is credible and that he is a good heel. He has been on a winning roll with not losing since winning the WWE title and the people he has gone through are John Morrison, Daniel Byran and Rey Mysterio.

    He gets quite the heel reaction when he does his introduction and it looks like when he does get his visa problem sorted out that he will only continue being a good heel for WWE.

3. Christian

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    He has done a lot for people to boo him out the building. This once big face has been doing but making excuses about his loses to Randy Orton. This is a great way to add to his heel persona and there is only going to be more to add to it in the coming weeks.

    He is in-ring presence is undeniable and has been great on the microphone. Even though he has done nothing but lose to Randy Orton as of late he still draws well and whoever he feuds with makes it a must watch.

    Everyone knows he is going to get involved with the Mark Henry and Randy Orton feud.

    The only question here is how he will be and will it cost Randy his tite?

2. Cody Rhodes

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    What a roll this guy has been on.

    He has been heel for his entire career and rightfully so. He is the Intercontinental champion and proved that he deserves it. That is not enough however.

    He wants more.

    The World Heavyweight title to be exact. While Randy Orton already has much on his plate Cody Rhodes has almost nothing on his. Why not go after the title? He remembers how Randy Orton used him back in Legacy and he is not going to let it go.

    He has beaten almost everyone he has faced and built himself up to be a very credible champion, heel, and wrestler. With little left to prove right now in the WWE he is arguably the biggest heel in the WWE.

    To me there is only one person bigger heel wise than him but had his push not come Cody would be No. 1.

1. Mark Henry

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    What else can this man do?

    He has dominated since being on Smackdown, beaten everyone he has seen to a pulp, sidelined Kane and The Big Show, killed a sound guy, and is now the number one contender for the title.

    And no one wants to face him. Randy Orton is the champion and say he will beat Mark Henry. Mark Henry had other ideas when he attack him after his cage match with Christian.

    He has been making a statement for months on end and plans on making a bigger one by winning the World Heavyweight Title. I will be rooting for him because he has more than earned it. If he does win, it will be hard for anyone to take it from him.

    He is "the World's Strongest Man," he is the No. 1 contender and he is the No. 1 heel in the WWE.


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