It's Time To Wake Up Big Blue!!!

onezuke18Correspondent INovember 19, 2008

Lol...this article is going to be great! I'm sure I'm going to get TONS of positive and "constructive" feedback from Wolverine Nation on the thoughts I'm about to express.

Look I'm a Buckeye, and I know what all you Wolverines are thinking..."A Buckeye doesn't know Michigan football and its problems!" Or how about the response of, "Shut up, Buckeye fan!"

But if you read my work you'll probably see that I'm about as unbiased as it please Michigan fan, hear me out on this one...

You need to storm the ivory towers of Ann Arbor Michigan, fan. You need to pull Athletic Director Bill Martin from that fancy office of his, carry him down to the 50-yard line of the Big House, and you need to hang his career at Michigan right there. Then we need you to do the same with Rich Rodriguez...their careers at the University of Michigan should die side by side, following the complete ass-whipping your football program is about to endure in Columbus this coming Saturday. 

Please, Michigan fan, I'm begging you, I know you are drinking some delicious maize and blue kool-aid right now (much like a lot of delusional Buckeye fans that I have to deal with sometimes). I know that the kool-aid is filled with the flavor of change, turn-around, revival, hope, and promise. I know you are tired of obnoxious Buckeye fans (yours truly), sitting here year after year, crowing, mocking you, and telling jokes about the JOKE your program is.

Believe it or not...I'm tired of it too. So I'm begging you Michigan fan...WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT 1) YOU CONTROL THE MICHIGAN PROGRAM and 2) HAVE THE COURAGE AS A FANBASE TO STEP UP TO THE UNIVERSITY AND ITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND DEMAND A CHANGE! Because the hiring of Rich Rodriguez into this program was wrong. Save yourselves Michgan fan!

What more evidence do you need that this was a bad hire from the get go? How many more things can go wrong with your program until you ask yourselves why this decision was made? Rich Rodriguez had D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R written all over him from the beginning. Think I'm just a stupid Buckeye talking out of his rear? Need proof? Well here's more damning proof than you can swallow...

How successful at West Virginia was Rich Rodriguez really? The Big East (when it was still a legitimate BCS conference), was prior to the 2004 season when Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College were still a part of the conference.

Rich Rodriguez had been at West Virginia for three years while this was still a real conference. His record over that three-year stretch overall was 20-17 with an 0-2 record in bowl games. His best season during that stretch, was a "stellar" 9-4 campaign. His record following Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College's departure, 40-9. Doesn't this strike anybody as a magical coincidence?

How much of Rodriguez' contract extension at WVU and now at Michigan should have been given to Pat White? The spread zone option read...and it genius inventor Rich Rodriguez, prior to Pat White strolling into Morgantown was 28-21 with a glowing 0-3 in bowl games. Once Pat came in and took over immediately, 32-5 overall and 2-0 in bowl games.

Compound the God blessing that is Pat White along with the exodus of the power hitters in that conference, and how much of that success really should be dedicated to Rich Rodriguez?

Forget the whole rigaramo with the lawsuit between after Rodriguez and the WVU highers up after Rodriguez got that huge extension and the epic disaster that turned into after Rodriguez lied about interest in the Michigan job that he was brokering for all along, then bolted without trying to pay that pesky buyout he agreed to in his "CONTRACT". We all know the story, I won't rehash the details because its been covered a gazillion hours through ESPN (The Worldwide Leader in Sports!).

But more importantly, I ask the question about the kids of HIS PROGRAM, and the position he left them in and the manner with which he did so.

Remember Pat White? That quarterback that Rich Rodriguez basically owes his West Virginia buyout and his current Michigan contract to? Pat White who has risen to superstar status under Coach Rodriguez and his "genius"? What did he have to say about the departure of the coach who recruited him, and built a relationship of success with?

White, who you would expect to be somewhat remorseful of Rodriguez exit, seemed pleased that Rodriguez left, and happy that Bill Stewart was running the show. White indicated that players there were tired of the verbal abuse of Rodriguez and the staff laid on a regular basis. That's your first *RED FLAG* moment right there Michigan fan where you should have been questioning the hire.

Or, how about the manner with which Rodriguez bolted for Michigan to begin with? Telling potential recruits about his departure to try and get recruiting in Michigan on the pavement, DURING THE SEASON—before he had told a West Virginia team—KIDS that Rodriguez built HIS PROGRAM and got him that new contract with, that he was going to be leaving! Strike two people...

Okay, so now Rodriguez comes to Michigan...Hail to the Victors trumpets from the towers, banners of "Go Blue" reign from the skies, and all of Buckeye Nation shakes in its boots with the thought of our six out of seven streak to Michigan going down the drain.

So how does Rodriguez use this shred of positive momentum? Immediately runs what little of the depleted talent that was still on the roster from the Carr regime (Mallet, Manningham, Arrington, Boren, etc...) out of Ann Arbor, didn't respect the alumni or the rich, proud, and long standing traditions that a school of Michigan's prestige, and has looked the depleted roster of square pegs, (the ones he couldn't run off because those kids just want to play college football), and decided that he was going to jam them through the round holes of his "genius" offense! Besides, he is Rich Rodriguez, the genius that turns cowpies into roses.

Or that is what he, Bill Martin, and the rest of the Michigan Board of Trustees has gotten you, Michigan fan, to buy?

Well Michigan fan, three wins, two against absolutely average and OVERRATED Wisconsin and Minnesota football teams, and a dominating 16-6 win over the powerhouse that is Miami of Ohio, and a record setting level of ineptitude in the 129 years of Michigan football later with eight defeats (soon to be nine after this Saturday), and you have officially witnessed the genius of Rich Rodriguez, Michigan fan!

Bottom line, Rich Rodriguez was not Bill Martin's first choice. Les Miles was. Les Miles was a "Michigan Man" that you guys always like to bark about up there in Ann Arbor about. Miles was in the process of beating the crap out of your archrival that was the main reason you got rid of a good man in Lloyd Carr to begin with.

Les Miles wanted to take the Michigan job in the worst way, all Michigan brass had to do was keep their fat pieholes shut until after the SEC championship game...and they couldn't do it. Word leaked and Miles facing unbelievable scrutiny from the backlash had to turn the job down.

Hell, Rodriguez wasn't even your second choice, Greg Schiano was...but he saw the baboons that run your athletic department, and the fact that your AD likes riding yachts more than taking care of the future of an unstable football program and he passed.

Then, he came, the "Savior" that Martin wanted all along...and Michigan fan I'll be damned if you slop that kool-aid up like a sugar starved 4 year old.

I don't want to hear the arguement from angry posters that this is the first year of Rodriguez! That you have to give a chance to rebuild. That's all crap. Rich Rodriguez had a chance to make this a FAR SMOOTHER transition than its been. YOU'RE FREAKING MICHIGAN FOR GOD SAKES! 

This is a team that had some talent that would've come back if Rodriguez would've adjusted slowly. This was a team that beat the now 9-1, No. 3 ranked Florida Gators last year! But Rodriguez had to burn all bridges and have his "signature" on this team.

I'll say it again...GOOD COACHES ADJUST TO THE TALENT ON THEIR TEAMS. Urban Meyer did it, so did Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, and Jim Tressel. Because they are good coaches. This should NOT be a 3-8 team that isn't even competitive half the time. What is your excuse for Rich Rodriguez Michigan fan?

If you're looking for a huge turn around next year Michigan fan, you're in for a massive rude awakening. You'll be starting a true freshman at quarterback in the Big Ten. You will be in-fluxing more unproven talent at skill positions. Your current commitments are jumping this sinking Rodriguez ship, and you are not recruiting any size whatsoever or depth for your offensive and defensive lines in the future. There is even talk amongst the program that there will be multiple additional defections in addition to the previous ones.

Oh, and by the way Michigan fan, you're going to now lose 7 out of 8 to The Vest who owns you.

Which will lead me to my finally point before I hit "publish" on this bad boy, and let the love fest between the Wolverine faithful and myself begin. Rich Rodriguez doesn't "get it" when it comes to THE GAME. He sounds like a John Cooper clone.

*MEMO RICH RODRIGUEZ*...this ISN'T just another game to Wolverine and Buckeye fans. This is war, this is hatred, this is Desmond's Heisman pose, its Buckeye players tearing apart the M Club Flag in 73', its 50-14 in 68', and 24-12 in 69'...ITS Woody and its Bo.

Do your history Rich Rodriguez, and realize that coaches get fired because of this game, become legends from this game...Jim Tressel UNDERSTANDS THIS. Hell, Lloyd Carr knew this for crying out loud.

A win over Ohio State in the minds of Michigan fans this Saturday, SAVES THE ABSOLUTE EMBARRASSMENT this season has been Rich. And as a Buckeye fan, I'm thrilled you don't get it, because I'm very confident we'll lay an ass beating on you for another few years until Michigan fan wakes up and realizes the mistake Bill Martin has made.

Please Michigan fans, please make THE GAME meaningful again, wake up, stop drinking the Martin/Rodriguez kool-aid, and use your power as a fanbase. You can do it, you just have to show the stones to stand up together and tell Bill Martin that the man he hired that wants you guys to "get a life", needs to pack up his stuff and "get out of town".

Now before the hate mail pours in on the comments board, I ask you to consider one thing...I am an unabashed Buckeye fan, I HATE your school. That said, I LOVE this game, and I respect the Michigan program, this is a BUCKEYE FAN saying you deserve better. Shouldn't that be convincing enough that something is wrong with the Michigan Wolverine football program?

Please feel free to comment! If you liked the article, or even hated it, spread the word, and become a fan.


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