Tommy Dreamer Set to Return to TNA?

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Tommy Dreamer Set to Return to TNA?
Is Tommy Dreamer returning to TNA?

ECW star, and perennial weeper, Tommy Dreamer has made some rather interesting comments on his Twitter account recently regarding his wrestling career, and has strongly hinted a return to TNA/Impact Wrestling/whatever name they're going by this month is in his future.

Having a fun time in Nashville, TN now getting ready to have an IMPACTFUL meeting. The result if all goes well could last till Xmas

I had a great time @ the TNA fantasy NFL Draft has the nicest house. makes it a home. Thanks 2 both bigtime.

About as subtle as a shovel to the face.

So, is Dreamer returning to TNA?

It remains to be seen what use TNA can have for Tommy Dreamer at this point. He's past his prime as a wrestler, and has very limited uses as a character (his character is basically a middle-aged wannabe MMA fighter who cries a lot about ECW and how great things used to be in wrestling). Dreamer's first TNA stint was, by all accounts, a giant flop. As the leader of EV2, he was supposed to be a babyface for most of his run, but came off as so whiny and insufferable that many fans found themselves cheering Immortal when they instigated heavy beatdowns on Dreamer and friends on a weekly basis on iMPACT.

Hey, this was the same guy who showed up on TNA television in the summer of 2010, slamming Vince McMahon for handing out big checks and bringing in all the old ECW guys (the nerve!). Dreary Dreamer then berated WWE for forcing him to stand back and do nothing as they fired all his (ECW alumni) friends "one by one," only to watch the loyal and kind-hearted TNA, well, fire all his friends (Stevie Richards, Sandman, Rhyno) "one by one" as he stood back and silently watched.

Dreamer apparently had some creative influence at first when Dixie Carter thought ECW nostalgia was the key to turning around business (note: it wasn't), but it faltered over time and his profile on television sank. Eventually, he followed the lead of the other EV2 guys and amicably left the company when his contract expired earlier this year. 

Frankly, I hope Dreamer is simply talking about taking on a backstage role in TNA. At a time when fans are resentful of older stars hogging the spotlight and are practically salivating for fresh faces to get pushed, Dreamer returning to TNA in an on-screen role may be the last thing the struggling promotion needs. 

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