Denver Broncos looking past Girlie-men Oakland Raiders

Stewart UptonContributor INovember 19, 2008

In the Denver Post this week, not only are they posting pictures of Al Davis and asking for readers to send in their mocking captions; they are already talking about the Denver Bronco's Nov. 30th game against the New York Jets.

Blog posts in Denver Bronco forums talk about how the two division leading teams of the Jets and Broncos should be playing in prime time Nov. 30th for the two prolific offenses with stud Quarterbacks to dual it out.

Who can blame the Denver Broncos and their Rocky Mountain fanbase after the beatdown they put on the Oakland Raiders in their first game of the season.

The Broncos embarrassed the Raiders in Oakland and on national TV.

Denver also beat Atlanta last Sunday and just a couple of weeks ago Atlanta blanked the Raiders 24-0.

The Broncos are just far superior, with their creative, tricky, genius and Super Bowl winning Coach Mike Shanahan, their John-Elway-like QB in Jake Cutler, and their Orange Crush Defense.

Compare that to the aspiring Raider coach Tom Cable, a wandering "trying to find himself" QB in JaMarcus Russell, and a timid O-line that walks, talks, and acts like the girlie-men of the NFL, as Denver blog posts describe.

Denver's D may just slap the girlie-men around this Sunday because they can see the Raiders apparently like it.

The fans always turn out in Denver for their favorite team they love to hate and they are going to show up this Sunday expecting to observe Raider's Offensive tackle Kwame Harris false start once or twice in each of the Raider possessions.

Just go ahead and add another win to Denver's record.

Why even play the game...Right?

No one is expecting the talented Oakland team everyone talks about as having potential show up...Right?

Nobody is expecting the Raiders D to continue its beatdown play of the past two weeks...Right?

Nobody is expecting JM to play hurt and show his leadership and talent more like Elway than Cutler could ever achieve throwing and scrambling for first downs...Right?