How John Cena Might Turn Heel

Trevor DixContributor INovember 18, 2008

With the impending return of John Cena and the wrestling world abuzz with the possiblity that Cena might beat Jericho at Survivor Series and regain the world title, I thought what better time to expand on the rumors and ideas that John Cena should turn heel.

While I am not at liberty to say where I got my information from, a very good source close to WWE has informed me that there has been talks for John Cena to turn heel shortly after his return.

Whether or not this plan is etched in stone or still at the planning stages is not known.
I do know WWE honcho's have at the very least met and sat down in meetings to discuss the idea of finally pulling the trigger on the much anticipated Cena "heel" turn.

From what I've been told the one scenerio that has been tossed around is a simutanious Cena heel turn/and Randy Orton face turn at once.

But there's even more to this rumor.

I'm sure you've all heard the rumor's that Randy Orton will be turned face. These rumors dating back to before Orton's return this month. But there might be more to Cena and Orton's turns being interconnected.

From what I was told the one scenerio that was discussed was to have Cena come back and after Survivor Series tunr heel in a turn of events that would shock alot of fans.

Here's the scenerio and how all of the latest happenings could be an indicator that it's leading up to this.

Randy Orton has taken the "Second Generation" group under his wing since returning.
It looks as if Orton is the unchristened leader of the group. Much to the chagrin of Cody Rhodes. Several weeks ago Orton went as far and pushing the group to be better by attacking Ted Dibiase, Jr ( the real reason was because Ted Jr. got married and had two weeks off).

There might be an underlying reason for this happening.

The one plan of Cena being turned heel would interact with Orton and the "Second Generation" stable. Rhodes , Manu will be mad Orton attacked Dibiase Jr.  Just when it looks like Orton will be named leader of the group though, the others will announce they are recruiting a new member.

It may play out like a four man tag match or something or just happen in the ring as an interview. But Rhodes, Manu, and Dibiase will call Orton out and it will look like they will select him their leader, when out of nowhere Cena will come out.

It could happen with Orton teaching Dibiase another lesson and Cena comes running out to help. Making fans think Cena is facing and helping the others. But it will turn out Cena will join Rhodes, Dibiase and Manu and they will all attack and turn on Orton in the ring.
Cena will then join the "Second Generation group" and turn heel and explain why he attacked Orton.

Last year Orton brutally attacked John Cena's dad. And Cena never forgot that.
They will then introduce the new backer and mastermind of the "second generation group" is none other then John Cena Sr.

Cena Sr. will reveal how he's been involved in wrestling himself for years as a promoter, and that he's tired of the treatment the fans give his son John. And how they have no right to boo him and dont know a star and talent when they see it.

Then he'll say stuff about how he never forgave Orton for attacking him. So when he was called by all these grear young guys like Rhodes and Dibiase jr and Manu he knew he could offer his son to the group to get revenge on Orton for beating Dibiase up just like he beat Cena Sr. up.

The other scenerio that is simular but slightly different is instead of Cena Sr, Ted Dibiase Sr, "The Million Dollar Man" is revealed to be the backer of the group, and it's revealed when Cean saves the "Second Generation" group that it was Ted Sr who payed off Cena to join the group and get revenge for his son being beat by Orton and Ted Sr, knows Cena would love to do it because he has no love for Orton.

After this, they would become a Heel Group like the Four Horsemen and NWO, with Cena being the leader. Cena would also change his image. Possibly back to his old Rapper gimmick or something completely different. WWE was mentioning suits and ties for the "Second Generation Group" but since Main Event Mafia has done so now, they have nixed the idea.

Showing Cena's career before his WWE day and his various looks and apperances might also be a ploy by WWE to get viewers to see Cena looking different then he tradionalliy looks to prepare them.

Vince McMahon has always been reluctant to turn his friend and top merchandise seller Cena heel. But many around him are trying to convince him that turning Cena heel could reinvent Cena's image and WWE's popularity could benefit from a Cena's heel turn much like Hulk Hogan's turn in the mid '90s did for wrestling and WCW.

Due to all the variables and people involved, we'll have to wait and see if this actually happens.

If it does though it certainly sounds exciting.