Premier League: Can More Than One Team Go All Season Unbeaten?

True BlueCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2011

Ferguson and Mancini
Ferguson and ManciniAlex Livesey/Getty Images

After three games of the new Premier League season there are nine teams yet to lose a game.

The chance of all nine of those teams still being undefeated after the next round of games is of course slim, but the current season may well offer something unique with more than one team capable of going all season without defeat.

Amongst those nine teams, Chelsea and Liverpool have strong squads with a number of new players adding depth, which will help overcome injuries and suspensions. In truth though, I cannot see either of them not being beaten. 

Manchester City and their near neighbours United have 100 percent records: three games and three wins and look not only strong in defence but also have the capability to outscore every other team.

Some are suggesting that the title is already bound for Manchester come the end of the season, and from what both City and United have offered up so far it is hard to argue against such an early prediction.

Both City and United are strong at the back and have added quality. United's capture of the promising Phil Jones could be a masterstroke, and he looks very comfortable so far.

City's midfield has been further strengthened with Samir Nasri already looking at home, and the latest Argentinian to join the Blues, Sergio Aguero, has been nerveless so far, hitting the ground running with three goals in as many games.

But the new faces are joining squads with great players already in place with Vidic and Rooney supreme for United and Hart, Kompany, Silva and Dzeko already grabbing headline for City.

As both United and City are able to keep clean sheets, it was going to be a tough season for other teams. But with the excellent goalscoring form from both teams on display, it could be that the only way that either City or United get beaten is if a team manages to score four goals.

There is the serious possibility, then, that two teams could go all season without tasting defeat.

The idea that an undefeated team could only gain second spot seems far fetched, but it could already be that the teams from Manchester and Trafford will have to play far worse than they have for a long time before they lose.

If the derby games between them are drawn, I can honestly see them both going all season without tasting defeat in the Premier League.