WWE: 5 Future Storylines the IWC Would Love to See

Jai ShahCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2011

WWE: 5 Future Storylines the IWC Would Love to See

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    Considering the changing dynamic within recent WWE storylines, IWC's wishes seem to somewhat be answered with the pushes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett, as well as the suggestion that the tag-team division is going to be overhauled over the next few months.

    Therefore, I've compiled five potential future storylines that I personally believe the IWC would love to see.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

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    Now, there has been a lot of talk of having Jericho vs. Punk as one of the main events at Wrestlemania, however, I personally prefer triple-threat matches over singles at the big-four events. 

    Angle, Benoit and Jericho have proven the caliber of triple-threat match that can be achieved by highly-technical wrestler. HBK, Benoit and HHH headlined one of those, creating one of the best main events ever at Wrestlemania.

    Imagine a build-up for this match: Punk, Randy Orton and Bryan at the end of the Royal Rumble, 10 seconds to go and suddenly the countdown kicks in, Jericho's music hits and Y2J makes his long-awaited return.  Orton is sent flying, Punk eliminates Bryan.  Y2J vs Punk, the final two.  Submissions, technical wrestling, aerial manoeuvres and then shock: Punk eliminates Y2J.  Y2J congratulates Punk, but Punk turns heel, and attacks Y2J.

    The rivalry carries on throughout Raw, epic promos etc.  Then at Elimination Chamber, Jericho wins the title (from Orton thus closing that Rivalry).  Punk and Jericho are set for Wrestlemania, then the following night on Raw, during another exchange of promos, Bryan's music hits, he stands at the top of the stage, holds the briefcase up and stares them both down.  The main event is set: Bryan vs. Jericho vs. Punk.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara (Mistico)

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    I think given Sin Cara's current situation, this is a big maybe, but hopefully this is the match that the WWE intended for Rey at Wrestlemania 28. 

    This could potentially be one of the finest cruiserweight matches in history given the obvious talents of both men, yet the expectations may outweigh the match.

    Rey has been the pinnacle of cruiserweight wrestling, certainly in the WWE, and even in WCW he was amongst the elite of their incredibly talented cruiserweight division. 

    Rey has had great matches again the likes of Eddie Guerrero and Jericho over the past decade.  However, I feel that as good as those matches were, he hasn't left us with a truly legendary match in the WWE.  I believe that Sin Cara would be the opponent that would elevate Rey's game to create a match that would be truly exceptional. 

    Mask vs. Mask could be an option depending upon Rey's career plans. 

    This is all wishful thinking, though, as Sin Cara's current status in the WWE is a cause for concern..

Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

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    Del Rio has a strong submission finisher which he wins the majority of his matches with.

    Swagger has a strong submission finisher which he wins the majority of his matches with.

    They both have similar builds, though Swagger is the larger of the two. 

    Their respective backgrounds in Greco-Roman and traditional wrestling would hopefully provide a series of technical, attractive wrestling matches.  A decent amount of promo work and something substantial in terms of a reason for the rivalry to build on, would maybe give us, the fans, a compelling and high quality set of matches. 

    My only concern would be that whilst Del Rio is almost main-event caliber as an all-round character, Swagger just lacks something, which places a glass ceiling above him as to how much time the WWE will give in a feud.

Evan Bourne vs. Justin Gabriel

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    Maybe an unusual choice, but both Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne possess complimentary movesets.  There are the obvious finishers, but whilst Bourne has a more high-flying set of moves, such as his hurricanrana, Gabriel has a reasonable mat-wrestling approach. 

    They both have an interesting set of striking attacks, as well as the obvious speed credentials.  Clearly the weakness in any feud between the two would be the poor quality mic work, and the fact that whilst they are both relatively over, who would care about a storyline between the two in the near future? 

    Neither of them are big draws and I would question how well they could carry a storyline over more than a month.  However, I would love to see what they could produce, given the airtime.

Randy Orton (Face) vs. John Cena (Heel)

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    Maybe it's not strictly a storyline that the IWC is waiting for.  However, given a proper build-up and a strong angle, this would have the potential to be to the reality era, similar to what the Rock-SCSA feud was to the attitude era. 

    Without a doubt, as two of the three biggest faces in the WWE today, they constantly receive a share of criticism from the IWC.  Yet for the WWE, they do sell tickets, merchandise and PPVs, so they're the biggest assets. 

    It's unlikely that John Cena would be a heel if this feud actually happened, but having seen Orton's heel instincts so often over the last few years, particularly the punt and how he plays to the crowd before the RKO, I'd love to see Cena be the predator. 

    He could be viscious, both on the mic and in the ring, and his move set to an extent would easily translate over to a heel, maybe by altering his taunts and the set-up of his signature moves.

    Without a doubt, though, a strong feud between the two would culminate in a match similar to the scale of Taker vs. HBK, given their popularity and how much time the WWE would invest in this storyline.