Michigan Vs. OSU Still The Best Rivalry In College Football

Jason BarczyCorrespondent INovember 18, 2008

It's always fun to discuss what is the best rivalry in college football and what perfect time to bring it up then now.

The week of "The Game" played out between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University (as a Wolverine fan don't ever expect me to put "the" in front of a reference to OSU).

First though let's examine other great rivalries that consider themselves close to being as great as this weekends game.

Texas vs. Oklahoma

Probably the closest of any in terms of pure hatred for one another. The "Red River Shootout" is a fine display of two states battling it out for pride.

But, it's played at a neutral site at the Texas State Fairgrounds.

I'm sorry, there should always be some sort of home field advantage and while the stadium being divided in burnt orange and red is kind of cool looking, it just loses some intensity.

Which brings me to...

Florida vs. Georgia

"The World's Largest Cocktail Party" being played in Jacksonville is another neutral site drag on the rivalry.

Imagine this game played in The Swamp or in Athens, Georgia and how loud those crowds would be compared to the split crowd in Jacksonville.

It's fans from both sides getting together and they're all getting hammered and there's racial harmony and it's beautiful.

Give me a break.

Auburn vs. Alabama

"The Iron Bowl" is the best rivalry game the SEC has to offer.

But it's too similar to the Michigan/Notre Dame rivalry in the fact that for years the game was suspended and the two stopped playing each other.

For 40 years the Crimson Tide and Tigers refused to play each other therefore the lack of history takes a little away from it.

That and there are vast periods of one dominating the other including Auburns own six game winning streak.

Army vs. Navy

Hello? We're on the same side people? This game is a giant bore fest and I wish these two would disband their football programs all together.

Doesn't the Army and Navy have better things to do than play football? Sure all the pagentry is nice and West Point and the Naval Academy have a ton of history which is cool to look at but it's all a waste.

These players can't even go pro.

Ask Detroit Lions fans about how they feel about the wasted sixth round draft pick on Caleb Campbell.

Now all those rivalries are good games between historically significant teams and competitive programs with the exception being Army/Navy.

But Michigan vs. Ohio State tops them all.

No two teams play for more at stake than any other. Every year since forever this game has a bearing on who plays for a national championship or a Big Ten title or a Rose Bowl appearance.

Texas vs. Oklahoma and Florida vs. Georgia are in the middle of the season and a lot can happen the rest of the way.

Those teams, including Auburn/Alabama, are also in the same division in which the winner is most likely guaranteed a spot in the conference championship game.

And since the Big Ten doesn't have one, the Michigan/Ohio State game is pretty much the championship game or has bearing on who wins it.

Even this year. If Penn State loses to Michigan State Saturday and Ohio State wins, guess who wins the Big Ten title and goes to the Rose Bowl.

Not to mention the pure hatred between the two states.

Georgia fans probably vacation in Florida like everyone else and Oklahoma gets all of its players from Texas.

Auburn vs. Alabama probably come the closest in terms of pure hatred for one another but at least Michigan and Ohio State have never been chicken enough to quit playing one another for 40+ years.

Now Michigan may be awful this year with a 3-8 record but no two teams have been playing at a higher level for as long as these two have.

And neither care about that.

All we care about is the one game at the end of each season.

I could care less if Michigan loses the rest of it's game for the rest of my life as long as they beat Ohio State.

This year will be considered a giant success if the Wolverines finally break the Buckeyes four game winning streak.

There's nothing I hate more than Ohio State and the entire state of Ohio. If I meet a cute girl at the bar and she tells me that she's from Ohio, I immediately become uninterested and try my hardest to get away from her.

It wouldn't even matter if she tells me that she's not an Ohio State fan and is in fact a Wolverines fan. I'm done with her the minute she tells me that she either grew up in Ohio or was born there.

Do you blame me though? What would happen if I stuck with one from Ohio and we got married and had kids? Every time the kids screw up I would say something like that they must get it from their mother's Ohio genes.

Statements like that are why "The Game" is the best rivalry in college football.


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