Will The True TrailBlazers Fans Please STAND UP?!

Darth BlazerContributor INovember 18, 2008

I would like to start a movement. Sure, it might take more than words to get it going, but I will start here.  After all, the Great Awakening started with one preacher’s sermon.

Our Trailblazers give their very best on the floor night-in and night-out. All the while I look around the arena and see despondent, apathetic faces all through the game until the 4th Quarter. Oh sure, some guy in a GAP polo with a Texas Tech hat on will stand up and pump his fist for a big dunk… but that’s about it.

Fans, my proposal is simple. It’s not the answer, but it’s the beginning of something big. You’ll see college kids do it at the hoops games all over the nation—but aren’t we playing for higher stakes?

Here it is. After the National Anthem, player introductions and pre-game festivities (whatever Larry Miller has for us that day) we should REMAIN STANDING.

STAND UP and STAY STANDING UP until the first Trailblazers basket is scored. I don’t care if the Celtics score 12 before we score one free-throw on a defensive three second call. I’m calling Blazer fans to STAND UP!

Who’s with me?