What it takes to be a Real Fan

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What it takes to be a Real Fan

What makes a Real Fan?

I'm not talking about those flimsy ones that jump on any old bandwagon but the REAL fans, the ones that stay through thick and thin.

The ones like you and me.

Faith is what separates us from THEM. Faith that no matter what happens our club will come out better than before and show us why we support them in the first place. Faith that we can dish out something miraculous. Most of us aren't in the stands but are watching on our television sets cheering them on even though those on the field can't hear.

The true litmus test of a fan is struggle. Losing your favorite player, manager or a couple of games is disappointing but that is what makes winning all the more sweeter. Why do you think clubs from lower divisions get ecstatic over eliminating premiership sides?

Lower division fans are far better fans than those of the premiership, especially the big four. We have been spoiled by victories, trophies,and big name players. The worst part is we constantly demand more.

The following message goes to Arsenal Fans!

Four years without a trophy is disappointing for a club of our stature and we are sick of hearing "transition" season but that doesn't mean we have to start calling for Wenger's head. I still believe we can step and possibly win a trophy or two, if we're lucky, this season. The chance of winning the premiership looks bleak but there is still light in the tunnel and miracles do happen.

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