EPL: Chelsea vs. Manchester United—5 Things We Could Expect

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst ISeptember 17, 2011

EPL: Chelsea vs. Manchester United—5 Things We Could Expect

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    Come Sunday, all eyes will be at Old Trafford where Sir Alex's on-fire Red Devil's take on Villas Boas' gradually improving Chelsea, in a battle for the top of the table ranking.

    Manchester United have been in blistering form this season, notching comfortable victories in their opening four fixtures. New signings like Young and De Gea have been impressive, while youngsters like Welbeck and Hernandez have shown plenty of promise.

    Moreover, United's hitman Rooney has been in top gear in the new season. He is already heading the Premier League's goal-scoring chart.

    Chelsea, on the other hand, had a slow start to their season. With new manager Villas Boas still trying out player combinations, and with Torres struggling to find his goal-scoring boots, it is not the best of times for the Blues to visit Old Trafford.

    But Chelsea are gradually looking to get back their tempo from last season with each passing week.

    When the two English football heavyweights face this weekend sparks are expected to fly. In the following slides we will take a peek into five things that are expected from the season's most-awaited match.

Chelsea Deals a Blow to United's EPL Dreams at the "Theater of Dreams"

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    The clash at Old Trafford has all the recipes for the making of a blockbuster.

    There is one team (Manchester United) who are doing nothing wrong in the new season. They have had the perfect start—scoring goals almost at will. On the other hand, we have another heavyweight club who have not had the perfect start, but are improving.

    United are no doubt the favourites to emerge as winners from the match, with Chelsea looking nervous both upfront and back. But this match might turn out to be the power-shifter, as Chelsea will be looking to give out a statement to their league rivals as well as the critics.

    With the Red Devils under more pressure than the Blues, the advantage will be for Villas Boas' squad. Chelsea have nothing to lose and they can play with a free mind.

    With Arsenal's demolition still fresh on their minds, the Red Devils' fans will be arriving at the Theatre of Dreams hoping for another dream match.

    But, as has been proved over the years, whenever such situations arise there have always been twists. So it might turn out the same way again and Chelsea might leave Old Trafford leaving behind a lot of heartbroken United fans.

    This match might be labelled as the one where "United's dream was broken in their Theatre of Dreams."

Rooney Continues His Top Form Against the Blues'

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    A season back he was the most hated person in England. A season later, Rooney is the gem of the Premier League.

    The Englishman had a horrendous time last season, when his poor goal scoring form combined with his scandal exposure had made him a public enemy. He was looking for a way out of Old Trafford but stayed in the end. His decision was perfect given his form in the new season.

    With two hattricks to his name already, the highly rated striker is already the leading goal-scorer in the league. He has looked fearsome in front of goal, and Chelsea will be wary of his presence. Rooney alone has scored more goals than Chelsea have scored as a team.

    With Chelsea's defense not looking convincing like they did in the past, it will be expected that Rooney will add to his tally against the Blues. Given the flair, style and confidence with which the Red Devils are playing, it will be really be commendable if Chelsea are able to keep a clean sheet.

    So Rooney will be expected to increase his tally at the top of the scorer's chart.

Mata Leaves a Lasting Impression at Old Trafford

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    Chelsea's new signing, the 23-year-old Juan Mata, has been like a breath of fresh air in Chelsea's ageing squad.

    He has been impressive from his very debut for the Blues. Mata looks like the livewire in Chelsea's midfield. His performance against Leverkusen last Tuesday was spectacular.

    The former Valencia man has added the much-needed creativity into the Chelsea midfield. His lightning speed combined with great dribbling skills and an excellent vision of the game has already made him a standout player in the new season.

    The youngster is being touted to be in the running for the best player this season, and he might actually make it if his present form continues.

    So, when Chelsea arrives at Old Trafford for their showdown with the Red Devils, the World Cup winner will be looking to leave a mark in the mind of the United faithfuls. Scoring a goal or delivering a match-winning performance might be enough for him to leave a lasting impression at Old Trafford, as well as give his reputation a boost. 

    Given the form he has been lately, it can be expected without doubt that Mata might be the player who decides the outcome of the match.

A Fantastic Game of Football

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    A Chelsea-United game is always a mouth-watering clash for football fans throughout the world.

    This time around it will be all the more interesting, given the present scenario of the league standings.

    Both the teams have been unbeaten so far this season, and they will be looking to keep that record intact. Though United have been spectacular in their opening fixtures, Chelsea too have been gaining momentum with every game played. While the United squad looks fearsome at present, Chelsea too are starting to get back their form.

    On Sunday, when the two teams face each other in a top-of-the-table clash, every football fan can expect a great game of football with lots of individual brilliance and team work at play.

    The last few clashes have seen both teams play rather defensively to avoid loss, resulting in dull displays. But this time around both teams are expected to play in a more attacking manner as they look to establish their superiority, hence it promises to be a spectacular show of football.

Some Poor Refereeing from the Colourful Phil Dowd

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    Well if it's a top class match, and if the referee is Phil Dowd—a few wrong decisions are expected.

    The man is the other name of controversy. He is the man who has kept the game of football still exciting with his range of wrong decisions—varying from wrong offside calls to mistaken penalty kicks. He is one the main reason why demand for the use of technology has become vocal over the years.

    Be it his controversial decisions in the 4-4 thriller between Arsenal and Newcastle (that drew attention of match-fixing) or the City vs United clash in the Battle of Manchester (where his decisions were severely questioned), Dowd has always had controversy tagged with him.

    So when Sir Alex's in form squad takes on the West London heavyweights on Sunday, we could expect a few wrong decisions to go against both teams.

    Dowd is expected to help the fans with some topics to discuss next week after the match, regarding his controversial decisions.