WWE: Sin Cara's Heel Turn Is a Huge Mistake for WWE

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 2, 2011

On Super Smackdown Daniel Bryan had another great match against Sin Cara. The two went back and forth with their style of wrestling and Sin Cara prevailed as the victor. After the match the two got together in the middle of the ring to shake hands. Some people here expected a heel turn from Daniel Bryan because of his consistent losing.

Sin Cara kicks Daniel Bryan in the back of the head.

"What the heck?" was probably what many people thought when it happened. Fans and the IWC are going to have to wait longer to see what this will bring. For the most part however it appears Sin Cara has turned heel.

This is a big mistake for WWE in a lot of ways.

WWE recently suffered from having too many heels in the WWE. It appears they countered it a bit and stabilized it. With this heel turn it now makes it appear that there are very few baby faces in the WWE.

There is John Cena (who many count as a babyface but I myself disagree), Randy Orton, Daniel Byran, The Tag Team Champions of Kofi Kingstin and Evan Bourne, Sheamus, John Morrison, and C.M Punk.

That may appear to be a lot but now look at the least of heels; The Miz, R-Truth, Kevin Nash, Mark Henry, Nexus team, Dolph Ziggler, Jake Swagger, Drew Mcinytre, Sin Cara, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibase, and Wade Barrett.

There are eight faces to 13 heels in the company right now.

Those are the people who are used on a somewhat consistent basis. If I was to include everyone, the number would be even more overwhelming.

Just from that list it shows that WWE does not need more crowd drawers to become heel. Another reason this is a mistake is because who is Sin Cara going to feud with? There is almost no one for him to face and take him on consistently. Daniel Byran could be someone but right now WWE does not appear to know what to do with him.

John Cena is facing Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton is facing Henry and Christian will no doubt get involved with even more possibilities from Sheamus.

There is a tag team division going on, C.M Punk is tied up with Triple H and Kevin Nash  and John Morrison has not been on TV.  Feuding with another heel makes no sense.

See the problems already? Plain and simple, there is nothing for WWE to do with Sin Cara as a heel.

People have been suggesting that a Cara vs. Cara will happen but that is in doubt because apparently WWE sent the original Sin Cara packing.

Sin Cara is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

WWE has little to nothing for Sin Cara to do or face right now and if the plan is for Daniel Byran to jobber to him, what is the point, considering he holds the MITB?

Right now there are too many questions for WWE to consider.

Maybe they will realize their dilemma and act as if the kick never happened. Maybe there is something fishy going on that fans and IWC do not know about.

But for the time being the heel turn has caused so many problems for WWE with little to no solutions.

Good Luck with that, WWE.