Jets-Titans: NFL's Game of the Week

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 18, 2008

Both teams could not be on more of a streak. While the Titans were able to close the Jaguars down, the Jets exploded over the Patriots to take the divisional lead and will have had 10 days to get ready for this game.

The teams both need this win. They NEED IT. Though the Jets have a OK lead over the rest of the division, and the Titans have a four-game lead, they both need the high rankings for the playoffs. If they want to do their best in the playoffs, they need their fans to back them up.

Kerry Collins comes into this game after one his best performances, including a late touchdown to Justin Gage, which locked out the 24-14 win. He had three touchdowns, one interceptions, and went 13 for 23. He had his best game so far, in my view, in a game where the running was poor.

Oh, don't forget Justin Gage. He was explosive, with two touchdowns and some beautiful catches. With Kerry Collins solid accuracy he was a happy receiver.

The Jets' secondary? That wasn't pretty...Matt Cassel burned them for 400 yards, giving Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Ben Watson, and Jabar Gaffney great days. They were way off their game, so why won't Collins burn the Jets backfield? He will.

The Titans running game? They had a large amount of runs in 33 attempts. The problem is they ran for such a small amount,114 yards. Is this the same running game? They had some 10 yard runs, but I really have to point the problem less on their backs and more on the Jaguars dominant line. They crushed them behind the line, or at least for most of the game.

The Jets' run defense? Well, OK, that's hard to say. The problem is that there wasn't a lot of running game with Cassel throwing enough to get 400 yards. They do have more than the Titans did, but not by much, and this game was much more of a high scorer.

A thing to remember—they had some breakouts of 19 and 20-yard gains. Also, with only 25 attempts, there average was five-yards per attempt.

Let's look at Mr. Favre, the legend himself. With his new team, he is getting a lot of gratitude for making them bump up to 7-3. He knows it isn't him. With more than 10 interceptions, he wants fans to know that everyone else is also stepping up.

How about Thursday nights game? He looked good. He went 26 for 33 with 258 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. That made him look ready for this one. Oh, and did you see him in overtime?

The Titans' secondary? It's simple. Garrard was awful, they got a interception, and he didn't get anything much. I couldn't care less. The Jaguars are a running offense, so this is irrelevant. They are ranked 25th in the league, I don't give them much of a chance.

The running game for the Jets is strong. The speedy Leon Washington and Thomas Jones are both averaging over four yards per gain with a combined 1,000 yards right now. Jones gets much more of the running, but Leon has been a key helping piece. 

Meanwhile, T.J. has just been getting better and better, his last two games have been over 100-yards each.

The Titans' running stop? Clearly you haven't seen this guy named Haynesworth. He's big, and he needs two blockers on him. That has made this rush defense incredibly dominant, compared to others, and has helped the team have the least points scored against them per game (13.1).


Things to Remember

It's at Tennessee; they must be happy about this season.

Haynesworth will definitely have a target on Brett Favre's chest.

Will the Jets be having bad flashbacks of Matt Cassel last week?

Will Kerry Collins be the same Kerry Collins, the steady and even?

Who will have a better running game? They both have a good one.


My Pick

Tennessee Titans: 20       New York Jets: 17



PIT:31     CIN:21                           Don't under estimate the Steelers

PHI:21       BAL: 27                        I want to trust the Ravens...

HOU:  13       CLE: 24                     That was a pretty impressive win.

DAL: 30        SF: 20               Both off big wins, but Dallas off a much better

TB: 31          DET:14            0-11, here they come!

MIN:27            JAC:24         This'll be a good game, both really need it.

BUF:17             KC: 24        I just have a feeling....

NE:28              MIA: 21       Patriots want some revenge, and why wouldn't they?

CHI:18            STL: 14        Rams haven't been impressive.

OAK:17              DEN: 24    It'll be closer than ya think!

CAR:28             ATL: 24      I want Atlanta, but the Panthers are just too good.

NYG: 30    ARI:21            If the Cards win this, it would be a shocker.

WASH: 28      SEA: 17     Not a real competition.

IND: 17        SD: 10       Chargers got close last week, Indianapolis had a good win.

GB:24            NO: 34      Packers? Overrated! New Orleans? Underrated! I pick them as a statement!


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