How the New York Jets Will End the Tennessee Titans' Perfect Season

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 18, 2008

All of the hype throughout the NFL this week is focused on the New York Jets, one of the hottest teams in the league, facing the lone undefeated team left in the NFL, the 10-0 Tennessee Titans

Many people in the football world are picking the Jets to win this game and for the Titans to suffer their first defeat of the season in the process. 

This has some Jets fans thinking that the team is already Super Bowl bound, and others shaking from fear since backing this team usually leads to awful disappointment afterwards, even if one is already the biggest of fans. 

These people are right though. The Jets will handle the Titans with ease, and in their home down in Tennessee to boot. 

First, going undefeated is almost impossible throughout the course of a season. Every break has to go in the favor of the team chasing history, and the Titans' luck has to run out sometime. 

Brett Favre will make sure that this will happen. Over his last couple of ball games, he has cleaned up his act by playing smart football and leading his team to wins over quality football teams. 

Favre saves his best for the big games (usually anyway), and this will be no exception.  With no mistakes for the Titans to feed off of, they will not be able to take advantage of a million mistakes by the other team. 

Secondly, the defense will halt the Titans in a way that no team has up to this point.  The Jets' run defense is stopping opponents with ease these days, and more than likely, Chris Johnson and LenDale White will have to fight for every single inch on Sunday. 

In addition, with the run not scaring the Jets, the Titans will have to scare the Jets with getting vertical. Yes, Kerry Collins has shown that he is not just along for the ride with this group lately, but he is not the smartest quarterback in the league. 

Yes, Collins has cleaned up his game by eliminating some of the stupid turnovers that he used to make in the past. No matter how much of a 180 his game has done though, it cannot stay this way forever. 

When combined with the fact that Collins cannot move out of the pocket to save his life, the Jets will make life very difficult for the Titans offense. Yes, the offensive line is very good, but they have not played against a defense that can cause as many matchup nightmares as the Jets. 

Look for the Jets to make Collins run for his life and to make him earn every yard as well. 

Finally though, the "X" factor of this game will be Jerricho Cotchery. With all of the weapons the Jets have on offense, it will be hard for the Titans to contain every single person. They may very well contain most of the team, but somebody will slip through the cracks and take advantage. 

It won't be Dustin Keller. His coming-out party will make defenders know his every move come Sunday. 

It won't be Thomas Jones. The Titans' run defense is way too good. Jones may will his way to a decent day on the ground, but he is going to have to have a huge amount of carries to be at least somewhat effective. 

It won't be Brett Favre by himself. The Titans will be so focused on him, that it would take a perfect performance from Favre to accomplish this, and, it has to be said sometime, Favre is getting too old (no matter how good he still is) to do it all on his own. 

Leon Washington could be the guy, but he won't be either. The Jets will not give him the ball enough to be the "X" factor, and even touching the ball on special teams throughout the game will not give him enough of chances to end up being the guy in this game. 

Brad Smith, he falls into the same category as well. Grossly underused, he will be a decent part of the game plan on Sunday, but he will not go out there and put up a game that will make fantasy players run to the waiver wire to get him. 

This leaves Cotchery as the guy who will get it done. Favre will air it out at times throughout the game on Sunday, and Cotchery will be the one to reel in these passes. 

At the same time, he will be used in the short passing game as well, and he will stretch the field out with his game breaking ability. 

All in all, he will make the Titans defense look rather ordinary at the end of the day, at least in the opinion of this writer. 

The rest of the offense will do what they have to, and the result will be the Jets running long drives, as they have done so well throughout this year, throughout the game. 

The result will be a rather convincing 27-17 Jets victory, with the Titans scoring a garbage time touchdown to make the score look a little closer than the game actually was. 

The Titans will then be a very solid 10-1, and the Jets will then be 8-3, with all of the Super Bowl talk falling on their shoulders since they slayed the biggest dragon that the NFL had to offer with very little effort on their part.