The Real Way to Level NASCAR's Playing Field and Save Money

Mitchell HallCorrespondent INovember 18, 2008

In an effort to cut expenses and level the playing field, NASCAR implemented the "Car of Tomorrow" tin 2007. In 2009, they will further attempt to control cost for the teams by banning all testing at sanctioned tracks. 


With this in mind, and since we all know it is so easy to criticize, I thought I would make yet another far fetched recommendation to the powers that be at NASCAR.


My suggestion: Buy Chrysler and Dodge. They are bankrupt and on their last leg, hoping to merge with Chevrolet. Swoop in and purchase them out from under Chevrolet. 


You might be asking yourself why? Why would I suggest this? Let us ponder the possibilities.


You could mandate all cars be of the NASCAR Brand. The "Car of Tomorrow" could be the first production model. Make the doors function, apply decals, and sell driver specific versions of their racecars. Think about the streets cluttered with racecar decaled COT’s. Perfect!


One day a week, I would suggest Wednesday, you shift the plant closest to that week's track. Each team buys its cars, identical from the assembly line, at the track. This would take a lot of pressure off the teams, and loosen the choke hold on testing and development funds.


It would lessen the strain on the drivers, because you could install a stock air conditioner!


The cars would also already have headlights for night racing, and windshield wipers for rain on road courses. 


Want to stop bump drafting? Well, you'd get penalized for a headlight being out! Should that happen, the team would be forced to come in and change it; I bet it would take one cracked headlight and you would be able to see the daylight between cars a little better.


In order to maintain a need for individual teams, shift the emphasis once placed on manufacturer back to the teams.


Let Hendrick Motorsports develop their own engines and sell to other teams. The same would go for Roush, Childress, and GEM/Ernie Elliot. Let the engine builders create their engines within your rules, then sell or lease as theirs.


That would allow some teams to recoup their lost income from manufacturer support by selling the new technology back to the manufacturer of their choice. If they choose to work along with manufacturers in a sponsorship capacity, trading R&D, then so be it. 


NASCAR could reserve the right to confiscate engines at any time, like they do now, for the purpose of taking it back to the NASCAR R&D Center to study it. They could, in turn, use a combination of the technologies to create the NASCAR engine, which would then be mass produced and sold to the public in the NASCAR Cars. 


On top of that, each sponsor for each car would owe either more money to the teams or loyalties to NASCAR, because each car sold to the public would have the sponsor's name!


In order to accommodate all of the needs of the consumer, the following should be done.


1. Shift the Nationwide Series car from a knock off Sprint Cup Car, to an Economy Sized Car. Mass produce them too, then let the teams provide a smaller engine, and borrow the technology for the engine to go in it, just like for the COT. 


2. Shift the Camping World Trucks from a variety of low riders, to one that mimics the Chevrolet Model from the 1990’s. The model would have a standard bed cover and standard two-wheel-drive. Mass produce both two-wheel and four-wheel-drive versions, the latter with a raised version and larger tires. 



What would this do for the fans? 


It would relieve the financial stress on all of the automakers involved in NASCAR. Each of their current deals would shift from being a stock engine provider (yeah right) to a full sponsor for each team. 


As such, they could move freely between teams at any time, and wouldn’t have to be concerned about throwing off a balance. An auto maker sponsoring a car would make a lot of sense after all! After this bit of financial pressure is relieved on the big three, they could possibly survive without a $25 billion bailout from us lowly taxpayers. 


We could all drive our favorite driver's car to work every day. 


You like Dale Jr.? Buy his car, then drive it to buy an Amp Energy Drink!


Why would this make NASCAR better?


They could legitimately sell the whole stock car angle again. All cars are the same, teams wouldn't need to spend millions on testing and R&D for cars and solely focus on engines. An auto maker could turn a small investment into a multibillion dollar business selling your cars to your fans. 

I write this partially joking; I had the whim and went with it.


But, wouldn’t it be cool if this happened? I really think it could work if handled correctly. It would also give Brian France something else to do...and make him a lot of money too!


I could have a lot of fun racing down the interstate in a car that looks like the No. 18 M&M’s Car, or even the No. 51 Miccosukee Truck.


Tell me what you think about this. Spread the word and let’s notify the France’s. Just remember, I thought of it first.