Rich Rodriguez to Michigan Fans: "Get a Life"; Bama Fans to Rodriguez: "Thanks"

mpeskyContributor INovember 18, 2008

Michigan's loss is Alabama's gain. No, not your losing season, but your choosing Rich Rodriguez as head football coach.

Just how close did the Tide come to having Rodriguez as the head football coach at Bama? The news would have us believe that he had made a deal with Coach Mal Moore to come to Alabama. The news would also lead us to believe that he backed out of this deal. The powers that be at Alabama only knew of his choosing to stay at West Virginia by seeing it on TV.

Getting a life at Alabama means having Nick Saban as the head football coach. What a favor Coach Rodriguez did for Alabama.

Thank you coach. Your decision not to come to Alabama made it possible for Alabama to get the best coach in college football. Sorry, Michigan—you will have to live with your choice for how long? Michigan is a great and powerful force in college football. You hold the record as having the most wins in college football, but this time...the Crimson Tide won.