Buffalo Bills Drop Cleveland Browns Game And Maybe The Season

Garrett HirschmanContributor INovember 18, 2008

I suppose Bills fans were due for a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking loss. That had been the one thing missing so far this year.

Monday night against the Browns the Bills lost what could have been a season changing game.

Had the Bills won, what would fans be saying?

Would the talk be about how we are right back in it, or how the Bills are back? We will never really know.

Once Rian Lindell missed that field goal all that was left was silence. What was there to say? A 47 yard field goal wide right, seriously?

How fitting for the game that may have ended the Bills season.

Despite losing their last three games to division opponents, there was a sense of excitement about the Bills hosting another Monday night game. I was in Wegman's several hours before kickoff and I saw several people with Bills jersey's and jackets, and shirts.

There was a buzz in the air.

One guy walked passed me, saw I was wearing a Bills jacket and shouted "Go Bills!"

That buzz is all but gone now.

As a team I thought the Bills played well. The offensive line had been underfire the past few weeks, but rose to the challenge by playing one of their best games; Marshawn Lynch had some room to run the ball; and Trent Edwards had plenty of time to throw for most of the game.

The defense played an inspired game. Despite some suspect secondary play, they kept the Browns in check and the Bills in the game. They were able to generate some pressure on Brady Quinn, and played well against the run, minus one play.

Marcus Stroud played perhaps his best game as a Bill. He was highly disruptive in the Brown's running game, and got pressure on Brady Quinn several times.

It seemed as though the whole team was getting back to its 5-1 form, except, of course, Trent Edwards.

It was tough to watch Edwards. I think many fans felt a similar feeling as when a parent watches their child step out of the batter's box on every pitch.

He looked as uncomfortable as I have seen any quarterback look in the pocket. He played the whole game after his three interceptions as if his only goal was to not to lose it, when all the team needed him to do was go out and win it.

It is hard to blame anyone but Edwards for this loss. Rian Lindell is a close second; however, he failed to make just one play while Edwards failed to make several.

Not getting Lee Evans the football one time is inexcusable. He is our best wide receiver, and he was open on many plays. Not throwing to him was Trent Edwards biggest mistake.

I have two big issues with the offense, one or both may be on the coaching staff.

How is it that you don't dial up a deep ball to Lee Evans once in last nights game? That may be on Edwards, but still, thats Evans' biggest strength, and we didn't try to use it once.

Along with that, what happened to play action? I had been noticing we don't use it much, but ESPN said that the Bills are the only team in the NFL who have yet to use play action.

Tell me this isn't true, it can't be.

I know Turk Schonert would not eliminate one of the most effective offensive weapons there is...right?

Perhaps the one thing we have learned over these last four weeks is that Josh Reed is the Bills' MVP.

Do we lose four games in a row if he is healthy? Maybe, but I think we would have beaten Miami if he doesn't get hurt, and who knows what his presence along with a divisional win would have done for the Bills momentum-wise over the next four weeks.

Next we travel to Kansas City, in a game that feels like it has a lot less meaning today than it did yesterday. 

Buffalo needs to forget about everything but the Chiefs. They need to win, plain and simple. I don't care how, just win. I need to hear Dick Jauron say, "It's a good win for our football team" in his post game interview. The Chiefs are a tough out at home, but we should beat them.

The Bills are in a hole, but if they win out they will make the playoffs. No 11-5 team is going to miss the playoffs in the AFC this year, trust me.  That's not the issue, though. The issue is whether or not the Bills can win out.

I don't think they will, but I am sure they will come close and get fans excited one more time, only to rip their hearts out yet again.