Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets: Live Reactions to Preseason Finale

WesAnalyst ISeptember 1, 2011

Getcha popcorn ready.
Getcha popcorn ready.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

I can't help but think of Jerry Springer as the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets put a cap on the 2011 NFL preseason.

It's a game you don't really want to watch, but you know the utter embarrassment that is sure to take place will lure you in. And staring as the villain who will look like a fool throughout the show is Vince Young.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen my whipping boy is back and he is destined to make a mess of things tonight.

I don't care how Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins and Todd Herremans play along the offensive line. I don't care about stories involving Steve Smith or Jeremy Maclin.

I care about one guy and one guy only. I care about the stiff who many people think is a winner. I care about the one guy who can officially plunge the dagger into our hearts if and when Michael Vick goes down.

Am I over the top? Am I being too tough on this hot mess?

No. And, no.

Young is really that bad and that big of an idiot.

The best part of the game is how fired up Rex Ryan gets for preseason games. When the Jets were on HBO's Hardknocks, Ryan acted like each game defined the team's season. He was about to blow a gasket on every botched play.

It's going to be hilarious when he confuses Young into an interception and makes him look more like a quarterback from the University of North Texas instead of the University of Texas. Actually, I'm not sure how Young was accepted into any institution of higher learning. Aren't there regulations that require students to have a certain score on their SATs? 

Sorry, back to the game. Tonight's game is tailor-made for people who want to sit on their couch and try figure out if Jamaal Jackson or Juqua Parker should get cut. I'm pretty confident Andy Reid and everyone else on the staff made their decisions about who is on the team. One game is not going to sway them one way or the other.

I will take a look at some of the side stories, but this game is all about Young and how bad he really is.