Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week Eleven

David ArreolaSenior Analyst INovember 18, 2008

Welcome my friends to the article that doesn't quit. Eleven weeks and I haven't been run out of B/R? Well, you'll have to keep criticizing because this article goes hard every week.

Last week was an easy win for Favre as Rodgers put in a terrible game.

Shall we?

Week Eleven

New York Jets             34
New England Patriots    31

Brett Favre: 26-33, 258 yards, 2 TDs

The Good-If anybody still wondered if Brett Favre still had his magic, if anybody doubted his ability to win the big games, if anyone thought he would choke under the pressure: Let Thursday night be their answer. Favre played a near perfect game. 26-33? That is simply amazing against a Patriots defense.

He did not throw a pick; didn't even come close to it. All of his throws were fantastic and smart. He should have had three TDs, but Dustin Keller had one clank off his hands late in the second quarter. On top of it, Brett Favre led two big scoring drives to take the lead in the fourth quarter and OT.

The Bad-It seems like the beloved gunslinger has been tamed by the chubby cheeks of Eric Mangini. Mangini has turned Favre into a tame system quarterback. At 7-3 there cannot be any complaints.

Though, if there is something I hate about the Jets, it is that they sit on leads instead of going for the jugular (wow, never thought I would use that cliché'...*sighs in disappointment with myself*). The Jets could have put up 40, even 50 on the Pats that night. Why did they only score 34?


Green Bay Packers    37
Chicago Bears           3

Aaron Rodgers: 23-30, 227 yards, 2 TDs 1 INT

The Good-After two very dismal weeks, Rodgers gets back to pro bowl form. He was accurate and patient with the ball, something we haven't seen in the past few weeks. He hooked up with his receivers for average gains between 10-15 yards. This kept the defense on the field and tired.

Grant helped tremendously by putting in his best game of the season, but don't let that take away from Rodgers' fantastic game. 23-30 is insanely accurate against a good Bears defense.

Aaron Rodgers also had a potential third touchdown pass dropped in the end zone.

The Bad-The pick did not affect the game too much, as the Packers were already comfortably in control of the game. Rodgers lead great drives and more importantly did not get caught up trying to escape the pocket or get too hasty with his throws. No glaring mistakes for Rodgers as he played very safe football.

The Pick

Both quarterbacks had great games. Similar numbers made this pick tough. Both quarterbacks were in huge divisional games that needed wins for their playoff hopes. But with all that similar, it will come down to which quarterback threw better. Brett Favre played near perfect and had the huge drive in OT that separates him from Rodgers. His throws were great decisions and he is ready to lead this team into the postseason.

Brett Favre takes a 6-5 lead on Aaron Rodgers with six games remaining.

Final Thoughts

Watching Brett Favre complete that crucial 3rd-and-15 was like a flashback. Or was it?

Favre has been doing it his entire career and that is what the Jets paid for. At 7-3 the Jets now control the AFC East lead, however, in a division where no team has a losing record, that may not last long. Can Favre really lead the Jets to the playoffs after a 4-12 season?

Aaron Rodgers knows what he has to do. He has experienced it all. The great games, the bad ones, the average ones. Most importantly he has now won and lost big regular season games. With a tough schedule ahead he will have to keep up these great games if he wants his Packers to make the playoffs.

Of course, the NFC North is quite opposite of the AFC east, as there is a three-way tie for first place with teams at 5-5.

This week Favre gets his chance to really make a statement against the undefeated Tennessee Titans.


Rodgers gets to play an inconsistent New Orleans Saints team.