Miami Heat: In Perspective

Claudius NanContributor INovember 18, 2008

The Miami Heat this year is a different team, no doubt about it.

The organization has given Eric Spoelstra the head coaching challenge for this new team. After the first three weeks of the regular season, we can see this Miami team a more definitive light.

The strengths of the Miami Heat can be seen on a nightly basis. Dwayne Wade is continuing to display the strength that most reporters thought he lacked after the injuries. He has been playing at the level he was at during the Summer Olympics.

It is now clear that the move to trade Shaq Diesel to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion was a good decision on Pat Riley’s behalf. Marion gives it his all night in and night out—he is a great player who is also humble.

What we as fans need to understand about the decisions made by organizations, is that they are looking towards the future. The Miami Heat has built a team around Dwayne Wade. They brought in Marion and drafted Michael Beasley to come in and assist D-Wade in his game-by-game challenges.

The strength of this team is that they understand they're a young team. They know it, and they are using it as motivation. The Heat is playing hard every night, and they are bringing their A-game.  They are trying new things out and they are becoming aware of what they are good at and what they are bad at.

The weakness of this team is not the lack of a second superstar, but the lack of trust in themselves that they don’t need a second superstar. Michael Beasley will emerge by the end of his career as a superstar. Mario Chalmers is simply surprising. He is an active player who evidently knows how to play the game. Daequan Cook is a rising star. Eventually I predict that he will become an elite player in the NBA.

We can go into all of the players, and talk about how Chris Quinn is a very accurate shooter who simply needs more experience, or we can argue that Shawn Marion is playing well and he needs to opt out quickly while he still has trade value. Many issues can be argued amongst the roster, but one thing needs to be said is that everyone on the roll is hungry to show what they can do.

There are a few players on the team who have been struggling and shall remain nameless in this article, because this writer believes that the media contributes to a struggling player.

With all that being said, look for the Heat to add a couple of players to their roster. They desperately need some big men and the front office knows that all too well. Expect Dwayne Wade to keep doing what he does best. Expect Udonis Haslem to have his best year yet. And most importantly, expect the Heat to struggle and demonstrate their ability to prevail in the end.

With this roster, I do not see the Heat in the playoffs. But you never know—I’ve been a sports fan long enough to know that you should never say never.