Phil Davis to Resume Training, Return Date Unknown

Mike HodgesCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2011

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It turns out Phil Davis' knee injury was a lot more serious than he previously thought. As a result, his return date is unknown at this time. 

Davis, who spoke to MMAWeeklyRadio, confirmed the injury and discussed the severity of it while training for a bout against Rashad Evans at UFC 133

“I thought for sure I just twisted my knee, like ‘oh yeah, that kind of stung.’ It turns out I did a little bit more than twist it," Davis said.

"The final diagnosis was a partial ligament tear, which isn’t the end of the world.”

While the diagnosis isn't as serious, the injury will prevent "Mr.Wonderful" from training on a regular basis. The sudden news comes as a disappointment to Davis, who, like any professional athlete, trains daily and considers it a part of his lifestyle. 

For now, Davis expects to make a full recovery, but he isn't so sure on an exact return to the UFC just yet.

“I would love to be back in 2011. It’s really like ‘will I be back?’ Well, let’s hope the rest of my recovery goes as planned, and in a couple of weeks when I go back into training everything goes well also and I don’t re-injure it," he said.

"That needs to happen first. After that starts going well, then we can start talking about 2011."